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Penn Family Day

Faculty, staff, and postdoctoral scholars are invited to bring family and friends to the 26th annual Penn Family Day on October 13, 2018.

Some of the things you can enjoy:

  • A free meal and games at the tailgate party.
  • Watch a Penn’s football team battle Yale—live at Franklin Field.
  • Visit the Penn Museum for special activities and exhibits.
  • Watch Penn’s Men’s or Women’s Soccer team take on Yale at Rhodes field.
  • Go for a skate at Penn’s Ice Rink.

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WPPSA is proud to Congratulate Sarah Gish, Rebecca Miller, Rosa Vargas and Marcus Wright for their extraordinary contributions to the School of Arts and Sciences. These active members have been recognized by the 2016 SAS Staff Recognition Awards.  Great Job!

Who can be a member of the WPPSA?

Any full-time weekly-paid (non-union) employee can be a member of the WPPSA (Monthly-paid employees should consider joining the PPSA.)

What is the mission of the WPPSA?

The WPPSA represents all full-time weekly-paid (non-union) professional employees on one of the university's main decision-making bodies: University Council and its committees.

The WPPSA's primary goal is to represent the interests of its membership throughout all the segments of the University of Pennsylvania community.

Any full-time weekly-paid (non-union) employee can be a member of the WPPSA. Members of the WPPSA can sit on University Committees charged with making recommendations on issues of diversity, fairness, and policy-making.

Members of the WPPSA also initiate programs of interest for the membership and the university community.

What are the goals of the WPPSA ?

  1. Provide opportunities for full-time weekly-paid professional staff to discuss and contribute to various university issues, through appointed positions on university committees.
  2. Inform staff about programs/speakers that might 1) enhance and develop employees' professional/personal lives, or 2) address the needs and concerns of full-time weekly-paid professional staff by providing motivation, leadership, support, and humanitarianism.

Accomplishments of the WPPSA:

  • Obtain seats for weekly-paid staff on the University Council and its Committees
  • Increase the visibility of full-time weekly-paid staff within the University environment
  • Advocate for child care benefits
  • Advocate for equal access to retirement benefits among staff
  • Advocate for greater mentoring and career counseling at Penn

What can the WPPSA do for you?


  • Network with key University organizations (Resource Centers , VPUL, Business Services, and other staff associations)
  • Meet diverse weekly-paid staff from every school
  • Meet with Penn leadership
  • Participate in service projects

Develop Professional Skills

  • Develop leadership
  • Plan events
  • Work on our website
  • Marketing and communication
  • Public speaking
  • Planning, organization and strategy
  • Lead meetings

Influence the Penn Environment

  • Learn about the policy making structure at Penn
  • Provide feedback for WPPSA Reps on University Council Committees
  • Influence the priorities of the WPPSA Chair and Co-Chair (who meet with the University President and Provost)
  • Work with U of Penn Administration

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Upcoming Meetings & Sponsored Events

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2016-2017 Officers and Board Members

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