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Past Projects: Fall 2006

  1. Working with CGS on Admissions Policy. Means to do this: WPPSA Rep on the Personnel Benefits Committee.
  2. Asking the Council of Deans to increase the number of classes and degrees offered through CGS. Means to do this: WPPSA and PPSA Chairs will meet with the Council of Deans.
  3. Working to change to the short-term disability policy so that it is the same for both weekly- and monthly-paid staff. Means to do this: Meeting with HR, and WPPSA Rep on the Personnel Benefits Committee.
  4. Creating and sending free emails to all weekly-paid employees. Means to do this: Working with the University Secretary’s Office, the Office of the Provost (which will pay) and the University Communications office (which will send it out.)
  5. Investigating corporate sponsorship–they would underwrite WPPSA events in exchange for sponsorship credit. Means to do this: Work with PPSA to create a contract that’s mutually agreeable.
  6. Working with Human Resources to create a Minute taking class for Support Staff. Means to do this: Work with Human Resources and Learning and Education.

During the September 2005-May 2006 Committee Year:

  • The WPPSA Chair met with the Provost selection committee to give feedback on employee needs
  • The WPPSA Executive Board (and the PPSA) met with President Gutmann
  • The WPPSA made recommendations regarding space allocation in the University Bookstore
  • The WPPSA recommended that all future surveys about Child Care include staff members
  • The WPPSA reached out to ABA, PPSA, AARC, VPUL, VPUL, ResourceCenters, and HR.

Past Issues:

  • Child Care Benefits
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Seats on University Council Committees
  • Mentoring at Penn