University-wide Policies and Handbooks

OAA Policies

Other Related Policies


OAA Office

  • Affirmative Action Handbook

    A reference handbook that covers the responsibilities and activities of the office, University policies relating to the office, and compliance with relevant federal, state and local laws.

  • Sexual Harassment Handbook

    A practical guide to inform University faculty and staff about sexual harassment in the workplace; policy, resources available, and formal mechanisms for complaint resolution.

  • Staff Affirmative Action Compliance Officers Handbook

    As Staff Affirmative Action Compliance Officers, you play an important role in monitoring compliance with and disseminating information about Penn's affirmative action policies and procedures. Together, we can help ensure that search, selection and other employment activities fulfill the letter and spirit of the University's commitment to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. This manual is designed to provide guidance regarding your responsibilities, compliance procedures, search and selection processes, affirmative action and equal opportunity regulations and related areas.




  • Pennbook

    Handbook for students regarding most of the University policies, procedures, and University resources.

  • Graduate Student Center Resource Guide

    Provides descriptions of all the resources available to graduate and professional students on Penn's campus.