Classroom Distribution Lists (Listserv) Information


Electronic mail distribution lists are created for all University of Pennsylvania classrooms. Faculty and appropriate support personnel are automatically subscribed to these lists at the start of each term. The membership information in each list is updated and refreshed throughout the term. Only faculty and support staff are subscribed; students are not included.

These lists exist to facilitate communication among the interested parties who use and/or support the classrooms. While the most frequent use of these lists is to allow support staff to provide information about changes or problems with facilities or instructional technology, faculty members may also use the lists to report problems when they are not sure who the appropriate contact person is or when they believe that other faculty should be aware of the condition.

How Do the Classroom Distribution Lists Work?

At the beginning of each semester, faculty are notified via email of the listserv address for the classroom(s) in which they teach. From that point forward, faculty may use the lists by sending an email message to the appropriate address.

The names of the lists use the following convention:

Building codes used in list names are the same as those used in the Student Records System (SRS).

Terms are identified by the two-digit calendar year followed by one of the following suffices:

A for spring term
B for either summer term
C for fall term

So, for example, the list for Fisher-Bennett 138 for the

Classroom distribution lists are kept private. Faculty members cannot subscribe or unsubscribe themselves. Only subscribed members can send messages to the list. Only the list owners can see the list of faculty members who are subscribed.

Administration and Monitoring

The classroom distribution lists are automatically created by querying Penn's Data Warehouse for the names and email addresses of faculty members who are assigned to each classroom. Information for the key support personnel are also appended to each list. Faculty who do not have an email address stored in the Penn Online Directory will not be included in any of the classroom lists. The Office of the Registrar will contact any faculty member who is not covered by the normal subscription process and inform him/her of options for inclusion.

The classroom lists were created at the request of Classroom Technology Services and the Office of the University Registrar with the intent of serving Penn's Central Pool classrooms. Jeff Douthett, Director of Classroom Technology Services (, is responsible for coordinating list administration.

Support staff and others monitoring all lists include:

Classroom Technology Services
VPUL Facilities
Office of the University Registrar
Course and Classroom Scheduling Coordinators