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A new mural honoring W.E.B. DuBois on the wall of a fire station at Sixth and South streets. The project was spurred by Amy Hillier SW’97 GrS’01, assistant professor at PennDesign and research associate professor in the School of Social Policy & Practice. DuBois’s pathbreaking volume The Philadelphia Negro (1899) emerged from work he did while affiliated with Penn.



Weathering the economic storm

South Street mural honors W.E.B. Dubois

Cohen to succeed Riepe as trustee chair next year

Voters, place your bets!

Big cities, little attention


Big Penn presence at “world’s largest brainstorming event”

Mourning for Mumbai victims

Daniels leaving Penn for JHU presidency

CGS’s new name: College of Liberal and Professional Studies

Abigail Seldin C’09 G’09 snares Rhodes scholarship


Three sports, three stories


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