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An Architect Walks Into the Lab
Can architects help create next-generation treatments for cancer and lung disease? Will the buildings of tomorrow have intelligent skins? What does figure skating have to do with it? An unusual partnership between Penn cell biologists and design students is tackling a lot of strange questions. Their answers may rewrite the rules of biomedical research. By Trey Popp

The Energizer Dean
From her distinctive outfits to her influential research to her indefatigable efforts to raise the profile of Penn’s School of Nursing, Dean Afaf Meleis commands attention—provided you can keep up with her.
By Caroline Tiger

In Dreams Begin Discoveries
Revisiting a century-old essay—still cited in the scientific literature—in which one noted Penn scholar dissected the “problem-solving” dreams of two others and showed how they slept their way to insights that eluded their waking selves. By Dennis Drabelle

Homecoming 2008
Our annual photo essay. Plus: Alumni Award of Merit winners and citations.

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