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JAN | FEB 2010

Man, The Drinker
Biomolecular archaeologist and Penn Museum researcher Patrick McGovern Gr’80 has found some of the oldest alcoholic beverages known to history, and he wants you to take a glug. They might just be responsible for civilization as we know it. (Not to mention your next hangover.) By Trey Popp

Steeped in Tea
Professor of Chinese Language and Literature Victor Mair spent years immersing himself in tea lore. His new book gives a fresh infusion of history to a venerable subject.
By Samuel Hughes

How To Succeed in Show Business
By Really, Really Trying

She’s played an amateur porn actress and a president’s wife, produces movies with her (fellow alum) husband, and is now poised to direct her own first film. Elizabeth Banks C’96 is working almost as hard as she did at Penn.
By Caroline Tiger

Homecoming 2009

Photos from this year’s arts & culture focus and football’s big win over Princeton. Plus: The 75th Alumni Awards of Merit and Citations

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