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PHOTOGRAPHY Penn collection highlighted at Arthur Ross Gallery

FILM In search of lost children in El Salvador. Memoria de los Niños

BOOKS Writers v. robber barons. The Great American Railroad War

MUSIC A new Penn songbook from the late Bruce Montgomery



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EDWARD HOPPER IN VERMONT By Bonnie Tocher Clause GEd’98 (University Press of New England, 2012, $35.00.)  Between 1927 and 1938, Edward Hopper frequently traveled with his wife Jo to Vermont, where he produced some two-dozen watercolors en plein air.  Clause, a writer and independent scholar, chronicles the couple’s stays along the White River and traces the development of Hopper’s singular interpretations of the landscape. All of the artist’s Vermont works are published here, including two watercolors that had not been previously recognized as Vermont scenes. BUY THIS BOOK

BEHIND THE WOODPILE: A Memoir By Emily Rosenbaum C’95 GEd’96  (Late Night Books, 2012, $7.99, available on Kindle and most other e-reader platforms.) When the author was two, her mother died, and the woman her father married turned out to be a “sadistic stepmother with a penchant for hurting small children.” Now Rosenbaum (a frequent contributor to the Gazette) is a mother herself, trying to get her kids to eat green vegetables and wear mittens, worrying about how much her past affects her parenting—and speaking out against abuse. BUY THIS BOOK

SELLING TO CHINA: A Guide to Doing Business in China for Small- and Medium-Sized Companies By Stanley Chao GEE’88 (iUniverse, 2012, $20.95.) With more opportunities opening up in China for smaller businesses, Chao, a managing director for All In Consulting, helps to illuminate the inner workings of the Chinese business world and suggests practical strategies for successfully entering that vast marketplace. BUY THIS BOOK

DOUBLE BILLING By Dinah Miller C’84 (Giraffe House Press, 2012, $7.99.) Miller, a practicing psychiatrist in Baltimore, centers her fourth novel on a psychiatrist named Emily, whose life and sense of individuality change drastically after she discovers that she has an identical twin. BUY THIS BOOK

THE ABC’S OF PHILADELPHIA: An Illustrated Guide to the City of Brotherly Love Written by Greg Landry W’90, designed and illustrated by Robert Hochgertel (Camino Books, 2012, $16.95.) From “A City of Art” to the Philadelphia Zoo, this children’s alphabet book, visitor’s guide, and coffee-table book offers 26 full-color illustrations, with accompanying commentary, of Philadelphia landmarks. BUY THIS BOOK

GRANDMOO GOES TO REHAB By Jerome D. Levin CGS’61 (McNally Johnson Books, 2012, $9.99.) Levin, a New York-based psychotherapist with 30 years experience treating addiction, explains the concept of addiction for children whose parents are addicts. BUY THIS BOOK

CONCUSSIONS AND OUR KIDS: America’s Leading Expert on How to Protect Young Athletes and Keep Sports Safe By Robert Cantu and Mark Hyman C’78 (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012, $24.00.) Cantu and sports journalist Hyman debunk many myths about sports concussions and advocate different measures to curb this “silent epidemic” afflicting young athletes. BUY THIS BOOK


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