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Rita Lenders Kirshner Ed’20 GEd’39, Haverford, Pa., a retired Philadelphia mathematics teacher; March 19, 2002. She was the mother of Betty Kirshner Small CW’46, the grandmother of Sara Small Hodge CW’72 and Martha Starr Small CW’76 FA’77, and the great grandmother of P. Blair Hodge C’02 V’06. In November 2001 these four generations of Penn women were featured in the video documentary celebrating 125 Years of Women at Penn.

Natalie C. Haines CCT’22, Ojai, Calif., Feb. 26, 1998.

Dr. Arthur E. Fink C’24 G’30 Gr’36 PSW’37, Kenmore, Wash., dean emeritus of the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Sept. 29. He established the school in 1945 soon after joining UNC, and retired in 1973. He was an instructor at Penn, 1930-33, and managed the University Settlement House, 1933-34. He was professor of social work and director of social work training at the University of Georgia, 1938-41. During the Second World War he worked in Washington with the famous crime-fighter Elliott Ness, as associate director of the Social Protection Division of the Federal Security Agency. Dr. Fink wrote The Causes of Crime (1938) and The Field of Social Work (1942; 8th revised, 1978).

Dr. Irving I. Weisberg D’24, North Miami Beach, a retired dentist; Jan. 5, 1999.

Joseph Ehrenreich Ch’25 G’32, Portland, Maine, Nov. 19, 1999.

John J. Mack ME’26, Surf City, N.J., April 5, 1999.

Dr. Morris Brailove W’27, Jamesburg, N.J., a retired dentist; Feb. 22, 2002. His daughter is Jane Brailove Rutkoff CW’65.

C. Addison Buell C’27, Lincoln, Mass., Nov. 20, 1998.

Dorothy H. Chaney Ed’27 G’36, Upper Darby, Pa., Dec. 15, 1998.

Louise Mastbaum Dickson CCT’27, Beverly Hills, Calif., June 3, 2001.

G. Douglas McDonald W’27, Kihei, Hawaii, July 6, 2000.

Helen L. Parrish OT’27, Medford, N.J., May 2, 2001.

Louis W. Seegers G’27, Raleigh, N.C., Jan. 9, 2000.

Edith Schaeffer Taylor Ed’27, Penn Valley, Pa., Sept. 18. She was a trustee of Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve. An expert lecturer on fungi horticulture, she was an accredited flower-show judge for the Penn Valley Garden Club.

Celia C. Bobeck Ed’28, Nanticoke, Pa., July 17, 2001.

Philip Fierstein C’28, Verona, N.J., Jan. 20, 1998.

Emma T. Irwin Ed’28 PSW’36, Doylestown, Pa., June 15, 2001.

Harriet Holstein Mendelson Ed’28, Bethesda, Md., April 1, 2002.

Alice Jussen Neale Ed’28, Annapolis, Md., October.

Verona Wylie Slater FA’28, Sarasota, Fla., Aug. 8, 2000.

William S. Wolf W’28, Beachwood, Ohio, March 24, 2002.

Thomas A. Elwood C’29, Van Nuys, Calif., June 10, 1999.

Marietta Mathis Fettus Ed’29, Upper Marlboro, Md., Dec. 3, 2001.

Dr. Joseph A. Gengerelli Gr’29, Thousand Oaks, Calif., Nov. 3, 2000.

Margaret I. Ingram Ed’29 PSW’31, Carmel Valley, Calif., July 21, 1999.

Ernest H. Slaybaugh W’29, Fort Myers, Fla., June 24.

William M. Weiss W’29, New York, Nov. 12, 2001.

Dr. Gabriel Zelesnick C’29, Hanover, Pa., Nov. 2, 2000.

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John D. Christman WEv’30 GEd’36, Myerstown, Pa., Aug. 9.

Dr. Bernard T. Coan D’30, West Hartford, Conn., a retired dentist; Sept. 23, 1999.

Dr. Abner Eisner Ch’30 Gr’34, Glenside, Pa., Dec. 3, 2000.

William N. Goodell C’30 G’51, La Jolla, Calif., May 10, 1999.

Dr. Edwin P. Hall GM’30, Silver Spring, Md., a retired surgeon; June 8.

Albert H. Kindler W’30, Hubbard, Ohio, May 29.

Dr. Carroll H. Long M’30, Johnson City, Tenn., a retired physician; May 10, 2001.

Chester B. Passmore W’30, Bethlehem, Pa., a retired insurance broker; Sept. 8.

E. Bramley Sharpe W’30, Epworth, Ga., May 6.

Norma Savin Ashbrook Ed’31, Lansdale, Pa., Sept. 18, 1998.

Dr. George P. Crillman C’31 G’34, Fort Myers, Fla., Aug. 31, 2000.

Dr. Alvin H. Funke C’31, Flat Rock, N.C., a retired urologist; April 1, 1999.

Dr. Wilbur D. Johnston C’31 D’33, North Haven, Conn., a former clinical professor of dental and oral surgery at Yale University; Aug. 27. He was a past president of the American Association of Orthodontists and of the Northeastern Society of Orthodontists.

James R. Koller Jr. L’31, Lebanon, Pa., a retired attorney; March 29, 2002.

Marshal H. Larrabee W’31, Solvang, Calif., May 6, 2001.

Jack H. Neulight Ed’31, Levittown, Pa., retired principal of West Philadelphia High School; Oct. 15. He founded Camp Log-N-Twig in Pike County and operated it with his family for 45 years, before selling it in 1999.

Milton A. Shaham C’31 G’32, New York, Sept. 5.

Maxwell I. Schultz W’31, Palo Alto, Calif., Sept. 27, 1998.

Charles W. Adams WEv’32, Media, Pa., Jan. 12, 2002.

Oliver W. Grow ME’32, Carlsbad, Calif., April 2001.

Willis A. Hall WEF’32, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., retired assistant vice president of First Eastern Bank; July 20, 2001.

Jane Kent Hawley Ed’32, Newark, N.J., Jan. 26, 2000.

Benedict A. Kerr W’32, North Miami Beach, July 14. At Penn he was a member of Phi Alpha fraternity.

Frederic W. Meyers C’32, Boca Raton, Fla., Aug. 13, 2000.

Daniel G. Smith L’32, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., June 30, 2001.

Robert J. Blee G’33, Chula Vista, Calif., Jan. 23, 1998.

Harold J. Blum W’33, New York, retired editorial director with Funk & Wagnalls; Dec. 4, 2001.

John Bruce Cox W’33, Memphis, Nov. 30, 1998.

Mary Muller Cross Ed’33, Downingtown, Pa., Nov. 18, 2000.

Robert E. Davis W’33, Cheshire, Conn., Dec. 18, 1998.

Harold J. Dobbs W’33, Basking Ridge, N.J., April 24, 2001.

Frank I. Ginsburg L’33, Media, Pa., an attorney; June 27, 2000.

Marshall H. Huey Jr. D’33, Laureldale, Pa., a retired dentist; April 1, 2001.

Gaston R. Jousson C’33 G’36, Greensburg, Pa., Dec. 3, 2001.

Joseph H. Liebman C’33, San Francisco, Oct. 31, 2001.

Thomas S. McCartan CE’33, Danville, Pa., Aug. 27, 2000.

Aurora Bernice Graham Porter Ed’33, Silver Spring, Md., March 1, 2002.

Dorothy Hehr Reicherter DH’33, Garden City, N.Y., Dec. 13, 1999.

Elsie Lincoln Rosner B’33 G’38, New York, Aug. 6.

A. Warner Balen WEv’34, Portsmouth, R.I., March 6, 2002.

Jane Galligan Brogan DH’34, Ocean City, N.J., Aug. 10, 2001.

Joseph E. Cooke Jr. WEv’34, Huntington, W.Va., Jan. 17, 1999.

Joseph K. Doliva FA’34, Del Mar, Calif., Aug. 18.

Rudolph L. Fackler W’34, Lake Worth, Fla., Dec. 1, 2000.

Dr. Harry Kreitzer D’34, San Diego, a retired dentist; Nov. 4, 1999.

John Missimer W’34, Los Alamitos, Calif., May 17, 1998.

Isabelle Kelley Petko Ed’34 PSW’38, Philadelphia, Sept. 26, 2001.

Joseph P. Rinella W’34, Lock Haven, Pa., Sept. 19, 2001.

Dr. Emil D. Soltis C’34 D’36, Freeland, Pa., a retired dentist; Jan. 18, 2002.

Edward Swain C’34, Gladwyne, Pa., a retired salesman for Benedict-Miller, a steel company in Lyndhurst, N.J.; Oct. 18. He had earlier worked for Swain Brothers, his family’s wholesale coal company.

Henry H. Taws W’34, Chester Springs, Pa., June 4, 2000.

Dr. Eldred B. Teague M’34, Birmingham, Ala., a retired physician; Sept. 3, 2001.

Martha S. Teague Ed’34, Birmingham, Ala., July 6, 1999.

J. Wesley Albro W’35, Mountain View, Calif., Jan. 22, 1998.

Anthony C. Bordonaro W’35, Houston, Tex., Feb. 11, 1999.

Martin M. Elfant W’35, Philadelphia, retired head of Elfant Wissahickon Realtors; Aug. 23.

Edward H. Fadeley WEv’35, Blue Bell, Pa., Sept. 3, 1998.

Frederick C. Fiechter Jr. L’35, Plymouth Meeting, Pa., a retired attorney who had practiced corporate and antitrust law in Philadelphia for nearly five decades; Aug. 3. He was a past president of the Germantown Historical Society, and he served on the board of the Livengrin Foundation from its founding in 1966. He had taught at Penn’s Law School.

Abraham Freedman Ed’35 GEd’41, Philadelphia, July 31, 1998.

Edwin Longcope L’35, New York, a prominent maritime lawyer; Aug. 12. He was awarded the French Legion of Honor in 1969.

Catherine FitzGibbon MacDevitt WEF’35, Marquette, Mich., a retired attorney with the IRS who was the first woman federal estate-tax examiner for New York state, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut; Feb. 23, 2001. She later worked for Emmet, Marvin & Martin on Wall Street, then in private practice.

Robert F. McCammon WEv’35, Gladwyne, Pa., retired executive vice president and treasurer of the old Girard Bank in Philadelphia; Sept. 10. Retiring in 1975, after 31 years with the bank, he was a founding director of the Pennsylvania Insurance Co., serving till 1985. He served on the board of the old Presbyterian Hospital for 25 years, and was a past president of the Philadelphia Presbyterian Foundation. He also served on the Springfield Township School Authority from 1949 to 1968.

Dorothy MacKell Runnels Ed’35 G’41, Whittier, Calif., May 12, 1998.

C. John Trimper W’35, Hendersonville, N.C., Aug. 5, 1999.

Paul F. Albright C’36, Knoxville, Tenn., Aug. 14.

Alfred C. Alspach L’36, Lancaster, Pa., a retired attorney; Sept. 19.

Wesley Bates WEv’36, Johnson City, Tenn., Dec. 6, 2000.

Robert J. Bynon W’36, Harleysville, Pa., Aug. 31, 2001.

Theodore N. De Jony ME’36, Santa Maria, Calif., March 17, 1999.

Alexander Doskow Ed’36, New York, March 23, 2002.

Raymond J. Euler WEv’36, Newtown Square, Pa., Jan. 21, 1999.

Dr. Murlin K. Ewell M’36 GM’49, Palm Beach, Fla., a retired otolaryngologist; Feb. 6, 2002.

Dr. Harlan W. Fenimore C’36 V’39, Texas City, Tex., a retired veterinarian; Sept. 7, 1998.

Carl W. Fenninger Jr. C’36, Sandy Spring, Md., May 4, 1999.

Charles G. Griffith W’36, Dallas, July 23.

Ephraim Hoffman WEv’36, Ardmore, Pa., May 24.

Emelene Lacy Johnson Ed’36 GEd’38, Southampton, N.J., June 21.

Dr. Kyuro Okazaki GM’36, Honolulu, a retired gastroenterologist; Sept. 17, 1998.

Rev. John N. Peabody W’36, Guilford, Md., dean of the Episcopal Cathedral of the Incarnation in North Baltimore from 1955 to 1984; Sept. 17. He worked to promote ecumenism, civil rights, and world peace, and in the 1960s appeared on a local television program, To Promote the Good Will. He was a past president of the Maryland Council of Churches. He also ministered to students at nearby Johns Hopkins University. After retiring he assisted at churches in Towson and Frederick. At Penn he captained the varsity crew team that was placed second in trials for the 1936 Olympics.

Dr. Alexander Price C’36, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., a retired physician; Dec. 11, 1998.

Owen Pyle WEv’36, Anchorage, Ky., founder of the old Kingsford Co., the Louisville-based manufacturers of charcoal briquettes and barbecue products; Aug. 17. He had served as a director of the National Association of Manufacturers.

Mary Winter Schuck Ed’36, Easton, Pa., Feb. 3, 2002.

Elizabeth A. Silliman Ed’36 PSW’45, Wilmington, Del., April 16, 1998.

William A. Terrall Jr. W’36, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Aug. 17. He had worked for Bridgestone-Firestone. At Penn he was a member of Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity.

L. Dutton Tredick ChE’36, Narvon, Pa., Oct. 11.

Leonard I. Abrams W’37, Beachwood, Ohio, Jan. 4, 2002.

C. Frederick Astle W’37, Whitefield, N.H., Feb. 18, 2002.

Dr. Arthur V. Bartenslager V’37, Churchville, Va., a retired veterinarian; Aug. 11.

Dr. Frank T. Bell D’37, Tequesta, Fla., a dentist who had maintained a practice in Westfield, N.J., till his retirement in 1970; Oct. 2. A committed volunteer, he gave thousands of hours to the ER at Jupiter Medical Center.

Wallace C. Butterfield W’37, Dunstable, Mass., Sept. 15.

Irene Morrison Davis CCC’37, Prescott, Ariz., Nov. 22, 2000.

Dr. William Todd De Van II M’37, Hanover, Pa., a retired surgeon who had served on the staff of Hanover General Hospital, and was president of its medical staff, 1972-74; September. He was a decorated veteran of both the Second World War and the Korean War. He entered Normandy on D-Day as commanding officer and surgeon with the 42nd Field Hospital, and was later awarded the Croix de Guerre, the Bronze Star, and five campaign stars and arrowhead. In July 1950 he went to Korea as chief of surgery at the 8054th Evacuation Hospital, the first hospital and the only evacuation hospital there for several months; he was awarded an Oak Leaf Cluster to the Bronze Star. Retiring from medical practice in 1981, he was a founding partner in a horse racing and breeding stable. He was vice president of the Lawrence B. Sheppard Foundation.

Dr. Lawrence O. Ealy L’37 G’47 Gr’51, Scottsdale, Ariz., June 9, 1998.

Emmy Lou Bates Easley CW’37, Santa Fe, N.M., July 16, 2000.

Dr. John F. Glenn Ch’37, Milford, Del., March 26, 2001.

Thomas A. Gowling Jr. W’37, Potomac, Md., Jan. 12, 2002.

David C. Hoover W’37, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., June 2, 2000.

George Howard WEv’37, Audubon, Pa., Aug. 8.

Dr. Ernest H. Ludwig C’37 Gr’48, Houston, Tex., March 20, 2002.

Dr. Walter Miller C’37, Northridge, Calif., May 29.

Willine Blunt Miller Ed’37, Moraga, Calif., Jan.7, 1999.

Frank R. Milnor W’37, Lake Forest, Ill., March 11, 2002.

John A. Paynter WG’37, Mansfield, Ohio, May 3, 2001.

Raymond W. Sawyer D’37, Clemson, S.C., a Cumberland County Commissioner; Sept. 14, 2000.

Robert A. Stern C’37, Albuquerque, N.M., July 16, 2000.

Anna Marie Ash McDonald CW’38, Orange, Calif., Aug. 29.

Roy J. Israelson WG’38, Fargo, N.D., May 6.

Dr. Arthur L. Myers C’38 M’42, Modesto, Calif., a retired physician; Dec. 7, 1998.

Rev. Wallace M. Pennepacker Ed’38, Memphis, Dec. 27, 2001.

John Shields ME’38, North Vernon, Ind., June 27, 1999.

Joseph M. Shotz L’38, Miami, an attorney; Nov. 15, 2001.

Geoffrey Tattersfield WEv’38, White Plains, N.Y., Feb. 3, 2002.

Joseph J. Urban C’38, Ambler, Pa., May 15, 1999.

Mildred Slegel Weir Ed’38 GEd’40, Jacksonville, N.C., June 3.

Thomas J. Beddow L’39, Hobe Sound, Fla., a retired partner in the Washington law firm of Gardner, Morrison, Sheriff & Beddow, who had specialized in corporate and tax law; Sept. 25. He served on the board of Ursinus College in Pennsylvania from 1958 till his death.

Elsie Bortel Carson Ed’39 GEd’40, Downingtown, Pa., May 26.

Freeland S. Cornish W’39, St. Simons Island, Ga., retired president of Collegeville Flag & Manufacturing Co.; Aug. 19. He had served as chair of the East Norriton (Pa.) Planning Commission.

Melvin L. Denebeim W’39, Coral Gables, Fla., July 31.

Harold B. Feldman W’39, West Palm Beach, Fla., Nov. 26, 2001.

Walter J. Filer WEv’39, Philadelphia, Nov. 10, 1999.

Mildred Baer Gilbert CW’39, Hallandale, Fla., Aug. 24, 1998.

Betty Levi Singer CW’39, Philadelphia, Sept. 11.

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Dr. Dorothy G. Axelroth CW’40, Great Neck, N.Y., Feb. 7, 2000.

Earl H. Cunerd WEv’40, Hallandale, Fla., Oct. 5, 2000.

Dr. Gustav T. Durrer GD’40, New York, a former professor of prosthetics at New York University; Sept. 30, 2001.

Jonathan Elmer IX C’40, Little Falls, N.J., Nov. 16, 1999.

Dr. Arthur J. Fischer M’40 GM’42, Scottsdale, Ariz., retired otolaryngologist and a former president of the staff of the Lovelace Clinic in Albuquerque; Aug. 26. A former professor of ear surgery at the University of Pittsburgh, he helped set up the medical school of the University of New Mexico.

Jackson S. Gouraud II W’40, San Diego, Aug. 17.

Dr. John R. Groh M’40, Lebanon, Pa., a retired physician; May 21.

Forrest R. Henry LAr’40, Washington, a civilian landscape architect for the U.S. Air Force from 1952 to 1982; Oct. 3. During the Second World War he was an aerial photo interpreter for the U.S. Army Air Forces in Europe, and was awarded the Bronze Star.

Samuel I. Kalkstein G’40, Philadelphia, a retired chemical engineer who was a consultant on firefighting materials; Sept. 13.

Alfred H. Lighton W’40, Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 20, 1999.

Franklin E. Melick G’40, Cupertino, Calif., Aug. 12, 2000.

Thomas H. Simons W’40, Blue Bell, Pa., June 16.

Charles M. Borwick W’41, Denver, April 2002.

Emma Bell Brinkley GEd’41, Philadelphia, Nov. 27, 2000.

Leland E. Cooney WEv’41, Chevy Chase, Md., Sept. 1, 2000.

Dr. Irving E. Gruber D’41, Stone Ridge, N.Y., a retired dentist; Feb. 13.

Ross B. Hahn W’41, New York, May 7, 2001.

Charles W. Heathcote Jr. G’41, Columbia, S.C., May 28, 2000.

Dr. Gerald R. Keahon C’41, Phoenix, Ariz., Jan. 22, 1998.

Dr. William G. Kennon Jr. M’41 GM’45, Nashville, clinical professor emeritus of otolaryngology at Vanderbilt University; Sept. 1.

Dr. Philip P. Metzger V’41, Lancaster, Pa., veterinarian; Aug. 16.

Howard W. Stevens Jr. W’41, Stratford, Conn., March 1, 2002.

Clayton W. Tiffany Jr. W’41, Southbury, Conn., Jan. 9, 2001.

Theodore Avchen C’42, Los Angeles, Aug. 19, 2000.

Clara E. M. Beatty CCC’42, Philadelphia, Jan. 2, 1999.

C. Richard Bruce W’42, Hatboro, Pa., Jan. 28, 1998.

Robert M. Cox Sr. ChE’42, Dresher, Pa., retired chair of a family firm that manufactured paint and industrial finishes; Oct. 15. He was past president of the National Paint and Coating Association. He had served on the board of Northeastern Hospital.

E. Paul Ferguson Jr. C’42, Goodland, Fla., retired head of a machinery company in Rockford, Mich.; April 27, 2002.

Ellen A. Gillard Ed’42, Dunmore, Pa., Sept. 21, 1999.

Ruth Grawl Ed’42 GEd’46, Black Mountain, N.C., Aug. 7, 2000.

Winifred W. Haggart GFA’42, Mt. Lebanon, Pa., an artist who had served as head of the art departments at Georgetown College and the Southern Seminary and Junior College; Aug. 24.

Eleanor B. Hartranft Ed’42, Flint, Mich., June 10. At Penn she was president of the Christian Association and a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority.

Seymour C. Kolman C’42, Pittsfield, Mass., Oct. 9, 1999.

Jerome A. Krinbring W’42, Wenatchee, Wash., June 9, 2000.

Emma H. Leary CW’42, Collingswood, N.J., Jan. 26, 2000.

Dr. Robert C. Lofgren GM’42, Salinas, Calif., a retired dermatologist; Sept. 1.

Dr. John E. Martin V’42, Kirkwood, Pa., retired supervisor of the financial-aid program and a former professor of therapeutics at the School of Veterinary Medicine; Sept. 22. He joined the faculty in 1946 as assistant instructor in physiology and pharmacology, and in 1956 was appointed associate professor of therapeutics. He served as associate dean of the school, 1961-62, but left in 1963 to return briefly in 1969 to serve as professor of therapeutics. In 1980 Dr. Martin returned to the school as special assistant to the dean, then as director of the Centennial Office and financial-aid supervisor. He was founding editor of the school’s magazine, Bellwether, and he wrote A Legacy and A Promise, published in 1984 for the school’s centennial.

Dr. W. Boyd Owen M’42, Waynesville, N.C., a physician; Aug. 20, 2000.

Ruth Paynter Parachini Ed’42, Shelburne, Vt., Aug. 27.

Jack M. Phillips C’42, Upper Providence, Pa., a retired instrument supervisor with Arco; Sept. 16. Serving in the U.S. Navy during the Second World War, he was made a chaplain’s assistant as he could play the organ.

Jane Tucker Ramsey DH’42, Wenonah, N.J., June 27.

Henry K. Robert W’42, Springfield, Ill., Oct. 5, 2001.

Murray M. Root W’42, Delray Beach, Fla., April 12, 2001.

Dr. Arthur G. Singer Jr. M’42, Toccoa, Ga., a retired physician; April 26, 2002.

Robert E. Speers C’42 G’51, Wilmington, Del., Aug. 1. He worked for the DuPont Co. for many years. His brother is Dr. Herbert K. Speers W’45.

Thomas R. Sundheim C’42, Wyncote, Pa., Oct. 11, 2001.

John F. Wood W’42, Langhorne, Pa., May 23.

Mark B. Wunder W’42, Rochester, N.Y., July 17, 1998.

Margaret Brinton Bayley Ed’43, West Chester, Pa., a retired teacher at Beverly Hills Junior High School in Upper Darby; Aug. 4.

Dr. Curtis R. Browe C’43 D’44, Brewster, Mass., a retired dentist; July 11.

Robert E. Frith W’43, Lower Gwynedd, Pa., retired owner of his family’s firm, Hagin Frith & Sons, which manufactured knit materials for fishing nets and playpens; July 30.

Arthur J. Harte II W’43, Pawling, N.Y., July 25.

James R. John WEv’43, Wilmington, Del., Aug. 11, 1999.

Edmund S. McCawley Jr. W’43, Williamstown, Mass., July 18.

Dr. Lionel B. Shaffer M’43, Blue Bell, Pa., a family physician who had maintained a practice in Maple Glen for over 30 years, then, after retiring in 1984, became a professional saxophonist; Sept. 24. He had worked his way through college as a professional musician, but put it aside while he practiced medicine. He founded Main Street Sound in 1993, a band of 17 musicians who played big-band music; he last performed in July.

Judson H. Spencer C’43, New York, Aug. 6.

Phyllis Yount Wood CW’43, Tallahassee, Fla., May.

Ragnar W. Anderson WEv’44, Edmond, Okla., Nov. 18, 1998.

Marilyn M. Einhorn CW’44, New York, Dec. 8, 2000.

J. Pierce Fenhagen Ar’44, Wakefield, R.I., an editorial writer for The Montreal Gazette from 1970 to 1992; Aug. 25. He left The Baltimore Sun in 1966 to study marine biology and then worked on a research project at the University of Rhode Island; when its funding dried up he returned to newspaper work. He published Where Angels Fear to Tread (1995), a collection of his editorials.

Dr. Arthur L. Loeb Ch’44, Cambridge, Mass., a senior lecturer in the visual and environmental studies department at Harvard University; July 19. He had earlier developed an innovation to increase computer memory while at MIT and later the Kennecott Copper Co. in Lexington.

Raymond F. Walsh WEv’44, Broomall, Pa., Jan. 31, 2001.

Eleanor Price Weinstein CW’44, Rockville, Md., owner of a landscape-design firm in Chevy Chase from 1978 till the early 1990s; June 2. She designed the Somerset town park. She had studied landscape design in the early 1970s after working as a laboratory technician for many years.

Dr. John W. Eiman M’45 GM’47, Pocono Lake Preserve, Pa., a retired physician; July 12.

Dr. Leonard Montalbano D’45, Port Richey, Fla., a retired dentist; Dec. 29, 2001.

Dr. Robert T. Pfeifer M’45 GM’50, Portage, Mich., former chief of the infectious division of Upjohn & Co.; May 11, 1999.

Norma F. Thomas Ed’45, Media, Pa., Sept. 4, 2000.

Clarence P. Correll C’46, Pacoima, Calif., May 31, 1999.

Robert D. Hedberg C’46 WG’47, Exton, Pa., a venture capitalist and financial counselor who in 1981 helped negotiate the sale of the Philadelphia Phillies for $28 million, then the highest price paid for a major-league baseball team; Sept. 23. At Penn he was a lineman on the football team. He had served on the board of Brandywine Hospital.

Hon. Paul R. Kramer C’46 L’49, Florence, N.J., a retired Burlington County judge; April 21, 2002.

Dr. Henry L. Price M’46 GM’50, Bryn Mawr, Pa., a retired anesthesiologist; Sept. 10.

Evelyn Rhodes Alwine Ed’47, Ocean City, N.J., March 1, 2000.

Lester J. Anixter W’47, Chicago, Feb. 2, 2002.

Mary Regina Bonner WEv’47 CCC’56, Signal Mountain, Tenn., Nov. 7, 2001.

Richard H. Brown Ed’47 GEd’48, Belmont, Mass., Aug. 2, 1999.

Esther Cresthull WEv’47, Cherry Hill, N.J., Aug. 12.

George H. Day GEd’47, Arlington, Va., Aug. 21, 2000.

Edward J. Doran WG’47, Akron, Ohio, July 1.

Carolyn A. Ducker GEd’47, Charleston, S.C., July 28, 2001.

Mary M. Eakle Ed’47, Durham, N.C., April 7, 2001.

Dr. Jack Edeiken M’47 GM’49, Sugar Land, Tex., a radiologist with Anderson Hospital; April 30, 2002.

George Knoblauch W’47, Ocala, Fla., March 25, 2002.

Judith Wingert Loubet G’47, Malibu, Calif., July 21, 1998.

Chester S. Matthews W’47 WEF’40, Springfield, Va., a retired financial-management analyst for the U.S. Navy; April 23, 2002.

Warren W. McDowell W’47, College Park, Md., April 28, 2002.

Harold Owen Quinlan W’47 WG’52, Santa Monica, Calif., July 13.

Dr. Robert S. Spalding V’47, Anaheim, Calif., a retired veterinarian who had practiced in Santa Clara, Los Angeles, and Orange counties for 55 years; Sept. 10.

Margaret E. Stewart Ed’47, Jenkintown, Pa., May 4.

Nathan D. Sussman W’47, Oaklyn, N.J., retired head of his family’s clothing business, Middishade Co.; Sept. 3.

Jackson W. Thompson WEF’47, West Pittston, Pa., Dec. 23, 2001.

William H. Versfelt W’47, Greenwich, Conn., Aug. 12.

Robert D. Weiss W’47, Salem, S.C., a retired self-employed glove salesman; Sept. 1.

Jean Lantz Albert PSW’48, Glen Ridge, N.J., Feb. 4, 2002.

Douglas H. Bradley WG’48, North Hatley, Quebec, Dec. 15, 2000.

Thomas J. Combs W’48, Wantagh, N.Y., a retired sales manager with Mapes and Sprowl Steel Co.; Feb. 26, 2001.

Neil L. Conver L’48, Montgomeryville, Pa., an attorney who had maintained a practice in Lansdale for 53 years; Aug. 1. He also served as solicitor for Towamencin. He was a past president of the Lansdale Chamber of Commerce. During the Second World War he was in the Battle of the Bulge, and received a Purple Heart. He is survived by his wife of 55 years, Sarah Lughart Conver Ed’49.

Morton R. Gershenow W’48, Highland Park, Ill., May 8.

Marina Maik Gibson Ed’48, Kearny, N.J., Jan. 18, 2000.

Charlotte Giorgiani OT’48, Ocean City, N.J., April 4, 2000.

Robert Margolis L’48, Allentown, Pa., June 26.

Daniel L. Masland C’48, Carlisle, Pa., Aug. 7.

Rev. Fred E. Ringham C’48, Minneapolis, Sept. 8.

Rev. Russell L. Shaffer Jr. C’48, Allentown, Pa., June 2.

Gilbert A. Sitler W’48, Louisville, Ky., a retired contracting agent for General Electric; August. At Penn he played on two championship soccer teams, 1946 and 1947. He wrote Beginning Soccer: A Teaching-Coaching Guidebook (1997).

Jane Temple Slater CW’48 G’50, Norristown, Pa., a former music teacher and retired head bookkeeper for the Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds; July 11.

Jean Clouser Wetzel CW’48, Wilmington, Del., Sept. 30. For many years she was a teaching assistant at Wilmington Friends School.

Sister F. Louise Burroughs Ed’49 GEd’55, Gladwyne, Pa., April 25, 2001. She had served in Chicago with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

John R. Cooney Jr. W’49, Bradenton, Fla., March 12, 2002.

Evelyn A. Eby Ed’49, Red Lion, Pa., Sept. 10.

Manuel Fisher C’49, Charlotte, N.C., July 23, 1999.

Hon. Herbert A. Fogel C’49 L’52, Hendersonville, Tenn., an attorney who specialized in alternative dispute resolution; Sept. 18.

Leanna Chase Goerlich GEd’49, Mount Vernon, N.Y., July 4, 1999.

Carolyn Gray Hardy Ed’49, Melbourne Beach, Fla., Jan. 1, 2000.

Richard C. Hopkins WG’49, Pueblo, Colo., Aug. 23, 2001.

Kenneth L. Howes W’49, Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y., July 17.

Dr. George W. James GM’49, Winston-Salem, N.C., a retired dermatologist; June 1, 2000.

Dr. J. Gordon Longenecker D’49, Wayne, Pa., a dentist; July 2.

Robert A. Mahotz W’49, San Diego, Calif., Oct. 23, 2000.

Martin J. Malloy WEv’49, Narberth, Pa., a retired pensions and benefits coordinator for General Electric; Aug. 30.

Joseph R. Morgan C’49, Upper Darby, Pa., May 15.

Edmund T. Pratt Jr. WG’49, Port Washington, N.Y., chair emeritus of Pfizer Incorporated; Sept. 5. President, chair, and CEO from 1972 to 1992, he transformed the company from a diversified manufacturing firm to a research-based pharmaceutical enterprise. He was honored for keeping the company’s head offices in New York, and for allying with other companies to help build affordable housing and reverse urban decay; he also worked to improve the neighborhood of the company’s original site in the Williamsburg district of Brooklyn. He briefly served in the Kennedy Administration as an assistant secretary of the Army for financial management.

Richard B. Riegel EE’49, Morrisville, Pa., March 2002.

Wilson H. Sechrist W’49, York, Pa., Feb. 21, 2002.

William E. Shirley W’49, Boca Raton, Fla., a retired accountant who was a partner in Main and Co. in Philadelphia; Oct. 7. At Penn he was a member of the men’s golf team.

Armand C. Splendido C’49, Gwynedd Valley, Pa., former president and CEO of GMAC Mortgage Corp.; Sept. 11. He was earlier president of Colonial Mortgage Service Co. till it was taken over by GMAC in 1985. He was a past president of the Pennsylvania Mortgage Bankers Association.

Robert H. Taunt WEv’49, Spring Hill, Fla., May 25. He had worked in the personnel department of the Budd Co. in Philadelphia.

Paul Wechsler Jr. W’49, West Chester, Pa., retired head of an agency in Philadelphia for the Union Mutual Insurance Co.; Oct. 3.

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Edythe M. Bassett OT’50, Indianapolis, Jan. 27, 2002.

Dr. Barry E. Berg C’50, Palm Coast, Fla., October.

Dr. Claude V. Caver Jr. GM’50, Manila, a dermatologist; April 14, 1999.

Hon. William R. Crawford G’50, Greensboro, Vt., retired principal deputy assistant secretary for Middle East and South Asian affairs at the U.S. State Department; Aug. 4. He earlier served, in the 1970s, as ambassador to Yemen, then to Cyprus.

Patricia Rochford Eager CW’50, Hamden, Conn., retired researcher at the Yale University School of Medicine; July 7. She continued to work at the medical school, where she had worked for over 30 years, and she was an active volunteer at an elementary school in inner-city New Haven. At Penn she was a member of Kappa Delta. She is survived by her son, Philip R. Eager C’88 L’91, and his wife, Mariellen F. Calter C’90.

Daniel W. B. Flint C’50, New Hanover, Pa., a retired attorney who had maintained a practice in King of Prussia from 1970 till 1996; Aug. 5. His interest in American history inspired him to start a 110-acre buffalo farm. He was a past president of the King of Prussia Historical Society and the Daniel Boone National Foundation.

Dr. Anthony L. Forte C’50, Tucson, Ariz., a retired cardiologist who was an attending physician at Northwest Hospital; Sept. 19. He was an associate clinical professor at Thomas Jefferson University from 1958 to 1973.

Dr. Joseph C. Howard Jr. GM’50, Clinton, N.C., a surgeon who retired in 1988 after practicing for 35 years; April 16, 1999.

Alfred A. Little GME’50, Media, Pa., an aeronautical engineer with General Electric who had worked on Corona, the CIA’s first spy satellite; Aug. 14. Launched in the summer of 1960, it yielded, in one day, more images of the Soviet Union than the entire U-2 program. He had earlier worked on ICBMs for General Electric.

Joseph W. O’Neill W’50, Singer Island, Fla., retired president of the Ford Motor Company in Saž Paulo during the 1970s and 1980s, where he also served as president of the American Chamber of Commerce; July 24. In 1979 he received the Order of the Southern Cross from the Brazilian government, its highest civilian honor. During the Second World War he was wounded in the battle for Okinawa, and received a Purple Heart.

Joseph S. Roj W’50, Alexandria, Va., July 27.

Rolf B. Strohm C’50 G’51, Sunnyvale, Calif., April 22, 2001.

George W. Thompson W’50, Yarmouth Port, Mass., July 31.

Emilio M. Vassallo W’50, San Juan, P.R., Aug. 31, 2001.

Virginia Barton Wallace L’50, Kennett Square, Pa., a retired partner, who specialized in estates and trusts, with the Philadelphia law firm of White & Williams; Sept. 9. She was with the firm from 1950 till 1980. During the Second World War she was a lieutenant in the U.S. Women’s Army Corps. A niece described her as “a feisty, strong woman … She didn’t stop smoking until she had to use oxygen.”

Dr. Edward F. Whalen D’50, Manlius, N.Y., a dentist; Aug. 24.

Helen Cohen Cohan Ed’51, Wallingford, Pa., a teacher in the Philadelphia school system for 47 years; June 30, 2001.

Jerold S. Cook W’51, Chesterland, Ohio, an attorney; Dec. 10, 2001.

Helen A. Dike SW’51, Trumbull, Conn., July 28.

Joseph D. DiLullo Ar’51, Ardmore, Pa., a retired architect with the Hillier Group who had designed school buildings in New York state, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey; Sept. 29. He came out of retirement to design an octagonal outdoor amphitheater at Westtown-Thornbury School, named in honor of his granddaughter, a student there, who died in 2001. He is survived by his wife, Anne Barca DiLullo Ed’50 GEd’51.

Kathleen M. Dobbin CCC’51, Boston, April 2002.

Dr. Ronald G. Goldberg C’51, Long Beach, Calif., March 23, 2001.

Roger F. Miller WG’51, Osseo, Minn., Aug. 3.

John W. Simmons W’51, Jacksonville, Fla., a retired life-insurance broker with Massachusetts Mutual Financial Services; Aug. 5. He is survived by his wife of 51 years, Joan McAdoo Simmons CW’51. He had served on the board of the Jacksonville Art Museum, and was a past president of the Jacksonville Council of the Arts. And he had served as a trustee of the Bolles School. At Penn he was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.

Thomas M. Van Metre W’51, Lancaster, Pa., a retired executive with Armstrong World Industries, Inc.; April 27, 2002. At Penn he was a member of the wrestling team and president of Kappa Sigma fraternity.

Dr. Jack O. Whitaker V’51, Chapel Hill, N.C., a retired veterinarian who had maintained a bovine-reproductive and herd-health practice throughout the mid-Atlantic states from 1957 till 1995; Sept. 3.

Allan T. Wood W’51, Exmore, Va., June 19, 1999.

Walter F. Clark WEF’52, Bethlehem, Pa., May 12.

H. L. Eastburn C’52 L’55, Phoenixville, Pa., an attorney; Oct. 1, 2002.

Dr. Harry H. Hanshaw V’52, Lebanon, Pa., a retired veterinarian who had maintained a practice in Palmyra for over 30 years; Sept. 28.

Sanford H. Harmelin W’52, Short Hills, N.J., June 18.

Dr. Frank M. Howard Jr. M’52, Pequot Lakes, Minn., a psychiatrist; May 24, 1998.

Warren F. Jaussi W’52, Blackwood, N.J., May 1, 2001.

Dr. Alexander Shevlin Gr’52, Atlantic City, Oct. 20, 2001.

Dr. Harold D. Stauffer D’52, Bayfield, Colo., a dentist; Jan. 24, 1999.

Dr. Jaroslav E. Zivney Gr’52, Falls Church, Va., Nov. 9, 2000.

George T. Favetta W’53, Warren, N.J., June 27, 1998.

Dr. Charles L. Haines Jr. GM’53, Pasadena, Calif., a retired surgeon; Dec. 1, 2001.

Dr. Robert A. Haines GM’53, Cherry Hill, N.J., a retired obstetrician-gynecologist; Aug. 12.

Charles E. Hussey Jr. GME’53, Wilsonville, Ore., March 26, 2001.

Relli Eisenberg Katz CW’53, Philadelphia, Feb. 9, 2002.

Harriett E. Kirshner Nu’54, Levittown, Pa., June 22.

Aaron E. Klein C’53, Betterton, Md., March 14, 1998.

Vincent L. Kress W’53, Norwalk, Conn., June 8.

Jane Morse Leff CW’53, Wallkill, N.Y., July 2, 1999.

Robert E. Lewis C’53, Wilmington, Del., June 5.

Richard Lichterman W’53, Broomall, Pa., Jan. 10, 2002.

Sidney I. Riskin W’53, Tarrytown, N.Y., Oct. 28, 1999.

Dr. Donald R. Stevenson D’53, Reading, Pa., a dentist; Nov. 12, 1999.

Nick Allas Ar’54, Charlotte, N.C., Dec. 20, 1998.

Anne E. Appelbaum SW’54, New York, May 28, 1998.

Dr. Edward C. Carter II C’54 G’56, Wayne, Pa., adjunct professor of history and the history and sociology of science at the University, and librarian of the American Philosophical Society since 1980; Oct. 1. He joined Penn’s faculty in 1980 as an adjunct professor of history, and the next year he also became an adjunct professor of the history and sociology of science. He was responsible for a growth in acquisitions by the society’s library, especially of manuscripts and books on the history of science, including the papers of the Nobel prize-winning geneticist Barbara McClintock and the sketches of the 19th-century naturalist Titian Ramsay Peale. Dr. Carter’s principal scholarly accomplishment was the editing and publication (1970-95) of The Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe, a 10-volume edition of the writings of the early American architect and engineer. He served as president of the Independent Research Libraries Association. And he was a former chair of St. Stephen’s School; the library there was named in his honor in 1995.

Jerome K. Cheney Jr. CE’54, Ocean Isle Beach, N.C., July 1, 2001.

James H. Hausman W’54, Woodlands, Tex., May 15, 2001. He had been an executive with the Chevron Corp.

Eugene J. Maniscalco Jr. Ar’54, Wilmington, Del., a self-employed architect who, after spending much of his early career designing churches in Pennsylvania, maintained a professional office for the past 25 years in Bricktown, N.J., where he built a reputation designing custom homes; Sept. 9. For the past 16 years he was also an instructor at Delaware County College in Media, Pa., devoting time and effort to those students who faced special challenges. He was a life member of the Photographic Society of America, which recently elected him an honored associate in recognition of regional and national service, and excellence as a photographer.

Daniel N. Newman C’54, Montclair, N.J., Nov. 23, 1999.

Alan Taylor Pidgeon W’54, Columbia, S.C., July 27.

William G. White WEv’54, Paoli, Pa., retired purchasing agent for the old Pennsylvania Railroad; Aug. 4.

David L. Cunliffe W’55, Orlando, Fla., April 7, 2001.

Dr. Jacquelinn A. Randolph V’55, Findlay, Ohio, veterinarian; Aug. 23.

Dr. Samuel Sugarman GM’55, Philadelphia, a physician; Nov. 15, 2000.

Robinson Weber W’55, Feasterville Trevose, Pa., Dec. 13, 2001.

Dr. Searle K. Welling M’55 GM’61, Greenwich, N.Y., a retired obstetrician-gynecologist; April 29, 2000.

Ervin E. Johnson C’56 G’59, Chester, Pa., Oct. 18, 1999.

Leonard Kabram W’56, Weston, Fla., Jan. 26, 2001. He had worked for Coopers & Lybrand.

Fred A. Kohlbrenner WEv’56, Lansdowne, Pa., Aug. 26, 1999.

Dr. Lee A. Letizia D’56, Cazenovia, N.Y., a dentist; Nov. 9, 2001.

Thomas W. McConkey G’56, Andorra, Pa., retired business manager for the Free Library of Philadelphia who supervised its expansion, including the construction of 15 neighborhood branches, during the 1950s and 1960s; Sept. 17. Earlier, as business manager of the Sun Ray Drugstore chain, he was recognized by the NAACP for persuading the chain’s managers to hire its first African American pharmacist. Due to retire from the library at the compulsory age of 70 in the early 1980s, he challenged the city’s regulations, enlisting senior-citizen activists, the current mayor, and its managing director (later mayor Hon. W. Wilson Goode WG’69 Hon’84): the regulations were revoked in time and he worked till 1988.

Dr. Edward P. Norris Jr. GM’56, Bronx, N.Y., a retired dermatologist; May 16.

Dr. Michael Gilbert Palazzo D’56, Sewell, N.J., a dentist; June 13, 2001.

Robert H. Schoch C’56, Toms River, N.J., June 17, 2001.

James A. Watters WEv’56, Lewes, Del., Dec. 16, 2000.

Dr. William G. Figueroa C’57, West Chester, Pa., retired chief of pulmonary medicine at Lankenau Hospital; Sept. 23.

Dr. Ronald I. Forster M’57, Delray Beach, Fla., a retired orthopedic surgeon; Dec. 11, 2001.

Charles B. Bertrand W’58, Palm City, Fla., Dec. 13, 2000.

Kenneth M. Cushman W’58 L’62, New York, a retired partner of the Philadelphia law firm of Pepper Hamilton; Sept. 11. He retired in 2001 as chair of its construction-law practice. During his 32-year career he was counsel to the City of Philadelphia in matters arising from the 1985 Move fire tragedy in West Philadelphia, and for the construction of the new Pennsylvania Convention Center. He was a founding member of the American College of Construction Lawyers. His textbook Construction Litigation (1981) is still widely used.

Michael W. Dooling WG’58, San Rafael, Calif., Sept. 17, 1998.

John P. Leemhuis L’58, Fairview, Pa., a retired senior partner with the Quinn Law Firm; July 24. He was a past president of the Erie County Bar Association. And he served on the boards of Mercyhurst College and the Saint Vincent Medical Center.

Regina F. Schroder Nu’59 GNu’66, Philadelphia, July 11.

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Dr. Eli I. Chyatte D’60, North Bethesda, Md., a dentist; Aug. 24.

Evelyn R. Druckman CW’60, Brooklyn, N.Y., Feb. 17, 2001.

Louis E. Roncarati WG’60, Fairfax, Calif., May 23, 1999.

Robert J. Ewing WG’61, Langhorne, Pa., Sept. 11, 2000.

Charles I. Kalme EE’61, Annapolis, Md., March 20, 2002.

Linda Schwartz Penneys Ed’61, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., Aug. 8.

Phyllis T. Kunda SW’62, Allentown, Pa., Oct. 30, 2000.

Dr. Robert J. Witonsky Gr’62, Princeton, N.J., chief technical officer and former founding president of a medical-products company in Pennington; Sept. 29. After his doctorate, as an assistant professor he taught chemistry at Penn for nine years. His son is Abraham Witonsky C’84.

Stephen H. Krissman G’63, Savannah, Ga., Feb. 7, 2001. He was vice president with Punch & Judy Rockabye. His daughter is Amy Krissman Pine C’96.

Jeffrey M. Shulman EE’64, Marcus Hook, Pa., Oct. 18, 2001.

Dr. Franck G. Darte II GrEd’65, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Feb. 17, 1999.

Abdul Kadir Kazi WG’65, Schenectady, N.Y., Oct. 29, 2001. He had worked in the Public Defender’s Office there.

Norman A. Lavin W’65, Larchmont, N.Y., February 2002.

Dr. Carolyn Reynolds Sunderman M’65, Whiting, Vt., a pediatrician, who had maintained a practice in central Connecticut for three decades; Aug. 6. She specialized in ambulatory pediatrics and child development. Retiring in 1997, she became the public-health officer for Whiting. A triathlete and long-distance runner, after her residency she competed in events almost every weekend, locally and nationally, including completing the Boston Marathon several times.

Alan S. Goldin W’66, New York, Dec. 25, 1998.

Jane Bissell Levine GEd’66, Haverford, Pa., a retired reading specialist for the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit for non-public schools; Sept. 26.

Dr. Geoffrey Hyde GrE’67, Rockville, Md., a retired engineer with Comsat Labs; Aug. 8. He had recently resigned as editor-in-chief of Space Communications: An International Journal.

Christine D. La Valley CW’67, Philadelphia, July 13, 1999.

Rev. Louisa Page CW’67, Wells, Maine, an Episcopalian priest who had worked with Ecclesia Ministries, a Boston-based outreach for homeless people; July 23. She was ordained deacon on June 1, and a priest three days before her death. She had earlier worked as a lawyer, first with Legal Services Corp. in Chicago then in private practice.

Joann M. Bierenbaum CW’68, Williamsburg, Va., Aug. 2.

Dr. Barbara J. Lowery GNu’68, Villanova, Pa., associate provost of the University and the Independence Foundation Professor of Nursing; Oct. 10. She joined the faculty in 1970, and her research focussed on the stress responses of physically ill people. She was appointed to the chair in 1991. Dr. Lowery had served as University Ombudsman 1984-86, chair of the Faculty Senate, 1994-95, chair of psychiatric mental-health nursing from 1978 to 1984, director of the Center for Nursing Research, 1986-94, director of the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Nurse Scholars program, 1986-91 and as associate dean for research in the Nursing School, 1990-93. She was a consultant to several universities, including Columbia, Vanderbilt, and the University of Hawaii. A scholarship fund has been established in her memory at the University.

James R. Fendley Jr. GEE’69, Arlington Heights, Ill., Aug. 8.

Dr. Arthur E. Franke GrE’69, Hendersonville, N.C., Aug. 3, 2001.

Paul J. Nemczuk W’69 WG’71, Guilford, Conn., a retired accountant who had maintained a practice in Branford; Oct. 8. At Penn he was in the marching band.

Sue Gerding Ricards FA’69, Ventura, Calif., Aug. 1.

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Helene Pressman Brown CW’70, Philadelphia, March 3, 2002.

John F. Haberle Jr. WEv’70, Battle Creek, Mich., Aug. 24.

Dr. Mark A. Moskowitz C’72, Newton Center, Mass., Sept. 1, 2001.

Kenneth Bridges WG’72, Philadelphia, co-founder of the Matah Network, a national organization that seeks to empower African Americans by encouraging them to buy from black-owned businesses; Oct. 11, in central Virginia, the eighth victim of the two snipers who terrorized the Washington area and region last fall.

Victoria Thompson Franklin CW’72, Houston, vice president and director of quantitative analysis for AIG; Aug. 12. Previously she was manager of financial planning for Pennzoil, and earlier had served as an investment officer with the Overseas Private Investment Corp. in Washington.

William H. Clark C’74 GEd’74, Bedford, Pa., former teacher and cross-country coach at the Bedford High School; March 11, 2002. From 1989 till his death he served as president of the Pioneer Historical Society of Bedford County, and he directed the Fort Bedford Museum during most of the same period.

Benjamin R. Fisher Jr. W’74 WG’75, Pittsburgh, vice president of corporate marketing and communications for PPG Industries; Sept. 8. Previously he was vice president for business development with the H.J. Heinz Co. He was vice-chair of the Pittsburgh Foundation and he served on the boards of the Carnegie Hero Fund and the Pressley Ridge Schools.

Jim A. Sameshima W’74 WG’76, Honolulu, March 5, 2001.

Angshuman De GAr’75, Raleigh, N.C., Jan. 13, 1999.

Emily Jane Hemphill WG’76, Greenwich, Conn., an executive with IBM; Sept. 8. She was a co-founder of the Greenwich Preservation Society.

Bard C. Higgins C’76, Honolulu, Jan. 10, 2002.

Mary Ellen Musham C’76, New York, Sept. 8.

Michael A. Fritz C’77, Washington, N.J., an attorney who had been in private practice for 17 years; Aug. 8.

Marla Potrock Kaufman W’77, Bryn Mawr, Pa., a marketing director for the Council for Relationships, a non-profit marriage and family counseling and education center; Sept. 10. She was a founder and president of Wharton Women.

Thomas B. McCabe III L’78, Haverford, Pa., a vice president and senior trust officer with Wachovia Bank in Pennsylvania and New Jersey; Sept. 30. He originally joined the old Fidelity Bank, which, through a series of mergers over 20 years, became part of Wachovia. He served on the boards of the Haverford School, the Agnes Irwin School, and the Lankenau Hospital Foundation.

Charles P. Mueller WG’78, Independence, Ohio, June 25.

Dr. Owen J. Evans G’79 Gr’82, Washington, Oct. 22, 1999.

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Dr. Mark A. Kessler M’80, Philadelphia, a research assistant professor of neurology at Thomas Jefferson University; Oct. 13. While completing his internship, he decided to become a research scientist, preferring that to the sadness that often accompanies patient care in hospitals. He then joined the faculty at the University of Wisconsin at Madison conducting research in molecular biology; he remained there for 15 years, till returning to Philadelphia, and the position at Jefferson. In his research he achieved breakthroughs in identifying a portion of the gene relevant for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease: his work was scheduled to be presented at a conference in November.

Dr. Mark E. Rosenthal M’80 GM’84, Dresher, Pa., director of cardiac electrophysiology at Abington Memorial Hospital who had served as a clinical assistant professor of medicine at the University since 1988; Sept. 19. He was an expert on defibrillators and pacemakers.

Cynthia J. Basciani WG’82, Kennett Square, Pa., July 1.

Edward T. Broderick III WG’82, Andover, Mass., Oct. 8, 1999.

Dr. Marjorie C. Horn G’82 Gr’85, Frederick, Md., deputy chief of research in the Office of Population and Reproductive Health of the U.S. Agency for International Development; Sept. 12. She helped provide technical assistance to a wide range of projects in Africa, including alternative practices to the tribal rituals of female genital mutilation.

Dr. Douglas K. Richardson WG’82 GM’85, Newton, Mass., associate professor of neonatology at Harvard University; Aug. 14.

Pearl Levenson Simmons C’82, Pittsburgh, Aug. 21.

Chris B. Nakamura W’86 L’89, Tucson, Ariz., an attorney; May 10.

Delmar S. Brooks CGS’87, Philadelphia, Nov. 19, 2001.

Dr. Shahin Mossavar-Rahmani Gr’87, New York, a financial analyst; Aug. 3.

Mary P. Wood GP’87, Santa Barbara, Calif., May 25, 2001.

James Connolly C’88, Gardens Bridge, N.Y., Oct. 9.

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Karen Schoen Archinard G’92, Stamford, Conn., June 24.

Karen K. Earle G’92, Centralia, Ill., Sept. 2, 2000.

Catherine C. Aldridge GNu’93, Gloucester City, N.J., a nurse at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center in Camden; May 15, 2001.

Dr. Margaret D. Sovie GNu’95, Media, Pa., the Jane Delano Professor of Administration at Penn’s School of Nursing; Aug. 23. She was a nationally-known authority in the field of nursing administration, after having served for nearly a decade as chief nursing executive of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Sovie was also known for her research into nursing conditions following hospital restructuring in the 1990s and the resulting effect on patient outcomes. Late in her career she earned a master’s degree, going on to care for patients at the health annex operated by the Nursing School at the Francis J. Myers Recreation Center in Southwest Philadelphia.

Dr. Phyllis F. Catz Gr’96, West Orange, N.J., Feb. 24, 2002.

Sorley Greig WG’97, Angus, Scotland, June 20.


Sondra R. Augustus G’00, Yardley, Pa., Aug. 23.

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Faculty & Staff

Dr. Edward C. Carter II. See Class of 1954.

Frederick C. Fiechter Jr. See Class of 1935.

Dr. Arthur E. Fink. See Class of 1924.

Prof. Yu Hsiu Ku Hon’72, Oklahoma City, emeritus professor of electrical and systems engineering at the University; Sept. 9. After taking his degrees from MIT, with a Ph.D. in 1928, and research stints at Westinghouse and GE, he returned to China to join National Chekian University in Hangchow. In 1931 he became dean of engineering at the National Central University in Nanking, and from 1922 to 1937 was dean at National Tsing Hua University in Beijing and director of its Aeronautics Research Institute. From 1937 to 1944, Dr. Ku served as vice-minister of education and was responsible for moving most of China’s universities from the coastal provinces during the Japanese occupation. He later served as president of the National Central University and as commissioner of education for Shanghai. In 1950, he left China for Taiwan and Hong Kong, and briefly was at MIT; he then joined Penn, where he taught and carried out research for 22 years, until retiring in 1972. Penn awarded him an honorary Doctor of Laws degree in 1972. Dr. Ku was described as one of the last polymaths: he made technical contributions in areas as diverse as electrical machinery, Liapunov methods, Volterra equations for nonlinear mechanics and nonlinear control, and boundary-layer heat transfer; and he was a poet, playwright, novelist, and composer. He served as president of China’s National Music Conservatory. He was a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, receiving its Lamme Medal in 1972 and the Third Millennium Gold Medal in 2000. Many of his students became prominent, notably Zhang Zemin, president of the People’s Republic of China, who visited him in his Philadelphia home a few years ago [“The China Syndromes,” March/April 1999].

Dr. Barbara J. Lowery. See Class of 1968.

Dr. John E. Martin. See Class of 1942.

Dr. Margaret D. Sovie. See Class of 1995.

Dr. Mark E. Rosenthal. See Class of 1980.

Dr. Martin P. Szuba, Haddonfield, N.J. associate professor of psychiatry in the Division of Sleep and Chronobiology of the Medical School; Oct. 3. He was also director of the Laboratory for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and medical director of the insomnia program. He came to Penn in 1993 as an assistant professor of psychiatry in the School of Medicine and in 1999 became an assistant professor of psychiatry at HUP, clinician-educator track. Last July he was promoted to associate professor. Previously he had held positions at the UCLA School of Medicine and the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute. “Marty was a remarkably talented and innovative psychiatric physician who was extremely committed to his patients, his trainees, and his work. In recognition, the Martin P. Szuba Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching and Research was established by the Department of Psychiatry. Marty was aware of this newly created award, and he was very touched that the department would honor him and his work in this fashion,” said Dr. Dwight L. Evans, department chair and the Ruth Meltzer Professor of Psychiatry, Medicine, and Neuroscience.

Dr. Robert J. Witonsky. See Class of 1962.

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