Intelligent Demise
As the lead attorney for the plaintiffs in the Dover school-board case, law alumnus Eric Rothschild demolished the arguments of intelligent design’s proponents—including one fellow Penn grad. By Peter Nichols

Feet and Faith
A century before intelligent design’s claims to science status wilted under close scrutiny, a Penn commission debunked another popular—and fraudulent—religious movement. By Dennis Drabelle

Whence the Money
Penn’s ambitions have always strained its (relatively) modest resources. How the University keeps up with the Joneses—and the Harvards, Stanfords, and Yales—in a very expensive neighborhood. By John Prendergast

Failing Grades
Penn sociologists Ivar Berg and Randall Collins say higher education is not what it appears, and does not deliver on what it promises. By Noel Weyrich

The Passion of Paul
As a young man he studied for the priesthood. Now Paul Hendrickson brings a compassionate fervor to his creative-writing classes. By Dan Kaplan

Volume 104, No.4
Cover Illustration by Chris Sharp

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From the Editor


Notes from the Undergrad: A parent’s story
Alumni Voices: Muslims in the middle
“Soccer. Music. Art. Seeds.”
Expert Opinion: Obituaries to die for

GAZETTEER : News & Sports
Fisher-Bennett Hall unveiled
Seniors win Rhodes and Marshall scholarships
Nursing building named to honor Claire Fagin
Dreaming big in Doonesbury
Franklin turns 300
Media and social justice focus of MLK Day symposium
Mabry III: “I just hope I won’t always travel alone”
Research in brief
Learning Katrina’s lessons
New $5 million program for public safety
Basketball: Dunphy’s 300th Win
Sports Highlights

Art Iconic images of Franklin at ICA
Books The Essence of Style.
It’s a French thing
Music Grammys recognize
Legend in the making
Art John Moore’s “rich palette
of internal contradictions”
Briefly Noted
Arts Calendar

ALUMNI : Profiles
Lisa Roberts knows design
Bob Glazer knows horses
Anita Nevyas-Wallace helps other see
Basketball alumni head for the courts of Europe

ALUMNI : Events : Notes : Obituaries







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