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Insidious ARDS
Few people outside the medical world have heard of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, even though it kills more Americans than breast cancer and often leaves survivors in various stages of disability. Some Penn-related physicians and researchers are working hard to blunt its impact. By Samuel Hughes

“Good, Bad or Otherwise,
Keep Writing and Peddling”

Persistence paid off for the songwriting duo of Ray Evans W’36 and Jay Livingston C’37. Their creative and personal journey—and the lost world of popular music pre-rock-and-roll—is documented in fascinating detail in a collection of materials recently donated to Penn.
By Ben Yagoda

Can Some Quakers Save the Sixers?
Philadelphia’s NBA franchise has been losing games and fans for most of the last decade. This fall a group of alumni investors led by Joshua Harris W’86 bought the team and have big plans for turning around this troubled asset. Is that crazy? By Dave Zeitlin

Bless Me, Father, For I Have Published
In 1988 James Martin W’82 jumped off the corporate fast track at General Electric to become a Jesuit priest. That meant two decades of study and service; taking vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience; and praying a lot—oh, and also living rent-free in midtown Manhattan (in the same building where he works!), writing bestselling books, and palling around with Stephen Colbert.
By Alyson Krueger

When Steven Met Hoodie
Hip-hop artist Hoodie Allen (aka Steven Markowitz W’10) is using the latest in social networking and the old-school marketing skills he learned at Wharton to conquer the music world. By Joel Siegel

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Volume 110, No.4

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