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Going Global
Penn has a longstanding commitment to global engagement, dating all the way back to Ben Franklin. That commitment is now stronger than ever with the recent appointment of a vice provost for global initiatives and the creation of a five-year strategy to increase understanding of global challenges, foster international engagement by students and faculty, and maximize Penn’s impact around the world. By Molly Petrilla

Seeds of a Quiet Revolution
Lots of aid projects in the developing world provide materials—from latrines to laptops—but little in the way of involvement or input for the people they are supposed to benefit. In Nicaragua a group of Penn alumni, faculty, and students are trying a different approach in a rural education effort that emphasizes sustainability and collaboration over technology. By Nathaniel Popkin

The Spy Who Owned the Yankees
Alumnus Michael Burke’s life reads like an adventure story—several of them, actually. By Dennis Drabelle

On a Roll
How the Penn alumnus behind Humanistic Robotics, Inc. is saving the world one landmine at a time—and making money doing it. By Kathryn Levy Feldman

Practically Subversive
Showtime CEO Matt Blank has used boundary-pushing programming, cutting-edge marketing, and smart management to build his cable network into a national powerhouse. By Susan Karlin

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MAY | JUNE 2013
Volume 111, No.5

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