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Getting Engaged
The Civic Scholars program, which fuses civic engagement with academic courses and projects, is shaping some remarkable, passionate students who are already having an impact on the communities they serve. By Samuel Hughes

Surprises Are Always the Best
Like her four previous books, Jennifer Egan C’85’s A Visit from the Goon Squad received generally stellar reviews.  But it didn’t look like this resistant-to-summary novel-in-stories would catch on with the public—that is, until she won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. By Sean Whiteman

The Park of a Thousand Pieces
Penn Praxis has a plan for adding 500 acres of open green space to Philadelphia in the next four years.  Their approach, informed by novel research by Penn scholars in areas ranging from real-estate economics to criminology, is a new way of imagining urban parkland. By Trey Popp

Cup O’Doodles
Artist Gwyneth Leech C’81 started drawing on used paper cups as a distraction when she got “antsy,” but “then it began to really take over.”  A few hundred cups later, she spent six weeks doing the same thing while sitting in a window in New York’s Fashion District in an exhibit called Hypergraphia. Q&A by Molly Petrilla

Alumni Weekend 2011
Our annual photo essay. Plus: Reports from three alumni panels focusing on global health, the economy, and reality TV


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