Dr. Robert Lowenstein G’29,
West Orange, N.J., retired head of foreign languages at Weequahic High School; Jan. 7. He helped found the Newark Teachers Union in the 1930s. During World War II, he served in the US Army.


Joseph J. Chaiken ChE’32,
Brick, N.J., retired factory manager for Merck & Co.; May 8.


Vera Prock Ransom CW’35,
San Francisco, a retired office secretary; May 6, at 100 years. She was a charter member of Telegraph Hill Dwellers.


Dr. Edgar L. Dessen C’36 M’39,
Sugarloaf, Pa., a retired radiologist who had maintained a practice in Hazleton from 1946 to 1990; May 22. With the US Army during World War II, he served as chief of radiology at Lowell General Hospital in Massachusetts and the 38th General Hospital in Egypt; in that time he wrote “History of Radiology, WW II, Africa-Middle East.” He was awarded the Legion of Merit. He was a Trustee of the University from 1972-76 and served on the Penn Alumni Council in recent years. His son is Lawrence W. Dessen C’81.
James Bond Godshalk ChE’36, Yardley, Pa., president and owner of Ultra-Mold Corporation; May 3. At Penn, he was a member of the men’s squash team. He had also been president of Fox Products Corporation and an electrochemist at Leeds & Northrup Company. During World War II, he was an electrical engineer for the US Navy. His daughter is Julia Godshalk Putnam SW’65.


Dr. Robert H. Chain C’37 D’39, New Holland, Pa., a retired dentist; May 31. During World War II, he served in the US Army.
Dr. Selma E. Snyderman CW’37 M’40, New York, former professor of genetics at Mt. Sinai Hospital; Oct. 25. Her husband is Dr. Joseph Schein M’41.
Carl F. Wilkening Jr. G’37, Chatsworth, Calif., May 7.


Helen K. Persson HUP’38, North Palm Beach, Fla., a former opera singer; June 17. A recital hall at Palm Beach Atlantic University and an auditorium at Colgate University are named after her. During World War II, she served in the US Navy.


Malcolm W. Aalholm C’39, Parsippany, N.J., retired facilities supervisor for U.S. Gypsum; May 23. During World War II, he served in the US Army.
George A. Cronk W’39, Burlington, Vt., retired head of a residential real-estate agency; Sept. 30, 2012.
Dr. Edward Gosfield Jr. C’39 M’44 GM’48, Philadelphia, an emeritus associate professor of medicine at the Perelman School of Medicine who was the founding chief of the hypertension clinic at the old Graduate Hospital, from 1957 until 1980; April 25. He had served in the US Army. His wife is Thelma Gosfield CGS’07, and his sons are Gregory G. Gosfield GEd’74 and Dr. Edward Gosfield III M’89 GM’93.
Allen R. Roach C’39, Twin Falls, Idaho, retired head of his family business, Penn Brass and Cooper, April 24. At Penn, he was a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. During World War II, he served in the US Navy.
Solomon Weinstein W’39, Ventnor, N.J., former head of Charleston Realty in Cherry Hill; May 3. During World War II, he was an auditor with the US Army.
Ruth Wolf CW’39, Havertown, Pa., a retired teacher; May 11.



Mildred Meyer Mason Ed’40 GEd’41, Horsham, Pa., April 18.
Isabel M. Stevenson Ed’40, West Hartford, Conn., June 9. At Penn, she was a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority and the women’s basketball and squash teams. Her daughter is Margaret S. Saxe CW’69.


Jacob Aronsky W’41, Allentown, Pa., head the former Valley Iron and Steel Co.; Nov. 22, 2011. At Penn, he was a member of the men’s squash team. During World War II, he served in the US Army.
Bernard M. Axelrod C’41 WG’43, New York, May 17. At Penn, he was a member of Beta Sigma Rho fraternity and the men’s rowing team. His son is Jay G. Axelrod C’74.
Dr. Lester Sablosky C’41, Potomac Falls, Va., a retired physician; Dec. 16. During World War II, he served in the US Army.


Helen Irvin Dowling Ar’42, Winston Salem, N.C., a retired partner of the architectural firm of Willis Irvin & Associates; April 26.
Marvin R. Engel W’42, Birmingham, Ala., former owner of Engel Realty Company; April 23. At Penn, he was a member of Phi Epsilon Pi fraternity and the rowing team. During World War II, he served in the US Army. His son is William E. Engel G’81.
Dr. Henry A. Lea Ed’42 G’51 Gr’62, Hadley, Mass., emeritus professor of German at the University of Massachusetts Amherst; April 4. During World War II, serving in the US Army as one of the Ritchie’s Boys, an intelligence unit of German-speaking immigrants to the US, he interrogated German POWs. He was an instantaneous translator at the Nuremberg Trials and then a translator for the US military government in Frankfurt. He wrote a 1997 study of the Jewish writer Wolfgang Hildesheimer, a fellow interpreter at the trials.
Jack W. Leason W’42, Chappaqua, N.Y., Sept. 1, 2012.


Doris G. Frankel Ed’43 GEd’53, Jenkintown, Pa., a retired teacher; April 21.
Herbert M. Haber W’43, Palm Beach, Fla., a retired attorney; April 18. At Penn, he was a member of the men’s tennis team.
Margaret Hughes OT’43, Liberty, Ohio, a retired occupational therapist; April 11.
William B. Johnson L’43, Lake Forest, Ill., former president and CEO of the Illinois Central Railroad and its parent company, IC Industries; April 24. He earlier had been an attorney with the US Tax Court, assistant solicitor for the Pennsylvania Railroad, and president and director of the Railway Express Agency. His wife is Mary Barb Johnson Ed’40 L’43.
Austin M. Lee L’43, Lancaster, Pa., a retired attorney who had served in the state House of Representatives from 1956 to 1964; June 4. During World War II, he served in the US Navy.
Dr. Theodore Shemella D’43, Toms River, N.J., a retired dentist; May 4. He served in the US Navy during World War II.


Dr. Robert A. Brown ChE’44 G’48 Gr’52, Ardsley, N.Y., Oct. 10, 2011. At Penn, he was a member of Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity.
Harriet S. Dannenhauer CCC’44, Hudson, Ohio; Jan. 4. She had worked for the US Treasury Department overseas.
Edmund H. Rogers Jr. C’44, Santa Barbara, Calif., retired head of his own advertising firm; Feb. 27. At Penn, he was a member of Mask & Wig and Delta Psi fraternity. During World War II, he served with the US Army in Central Europe; he was awarded the Bronze Star.


Dr. Alfred C. LaBoccetta PH’45, Sarasota, Fla., a retired physician; April 21, 2012.
Dr. Leigh A. Simpson D’45 Baldwinsville, N.Y., a retired dentist; May 5. He had served in the US Navy.


Dr. John B. Logan C’46 M’48, Camp Hill, Pa., a retired psychiatrist at Harrisburg State Hospital; May 22. During the Korean War, he served in the US Army.
Dr. Martin Helrich M’46 GM’52, Pikesville, Md., professor emeritus and former chair of anesthesiology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine; June 2. Previously, he was assistant professor of anesthesiology at Penn. He had served in the US Army.


Dr. Charles J. Rehkamp D’47, Cape Coral, Fla., a retired dentist; May 16. He was a veteran of World War II and the Korean War.
Elaine G. Vardy OT’47, Jerusalem, Jan. 22, 2012.


Dr. Raymond A. Baker C’48, Glassboro, N.J., a retired physician; Jan. 20, 2012. During World War II, he served in the US Air Force.
Leonard Buten W’48, Wyncote, Pa., Nov. 12, 2011.
George A. Coy W’48, Chicago, June 19, 2012.
Raymond Dischino W’48, Mashpee, Mass., retired vice president and director of merchandising at Pro Hardware; May 31. In 1948, he was host for NBC’s coverage of the Republican and Democratic political conventions. During World War II, he served in the US Army.
Dr. Gloria Donadello PSW’48, Santa Fe, N.M., March 14.
Robert E. Donnelly W’48, Tucson, Ariz., March 16.
Spencer J. Dvorkin WG’48, Katonah, N.Y., March 1. He worked in real-estate management.
Ralph M. Henry W’48, Fountain Hills, Ariz., a retired banker; Oct. 8, 2012. He had served in the US Army.
Clifford R. Jack W’48, El Paso, Tex., former comptroller for General Motors; November 11. At Penn, he was a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity. He had worked for Pittsburgh Plate Glass in Indiana before joining GM. During World War II, he served in the US Army.
Dorothy M. Pfender CCC’48, Pottstown, Pa., a retired medical technician; April 13.
George B. Wood Jr. C’48, Malvern, Pa., a retired salesman; June 6.


Stanley S. Anders Jr. W’49, Lansdale, Pa., former vice president and controller for the old Alco Standard Corp.; April 6. At Penn, he was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. During World War II, he served in the US Army.
Patricia M. Armsby DH’49, Florence, Ore., a retired market researcher; Jan. 9.
Irvin Darivoff C’49, Rockville, Md., May 16. Following his retirement from the US Army in 1973, he worked for Fannie Mae until retiring in 1991. His son is Philip M. Darivoff W’79 WG’85 and his granddaughter is Rachel M. Darivoff C’10.
Dr. James N. Dill Jr. GM’49, Verona, Pa., a retired obstetrician-gynecologist at McKeesport Hospital; May 21. He had served in the US Navy.
Bennett B. Friedman L’49, Bradford, Pa., a retired attorney; March 17. During World War II, he served as an interpreter with the US Army in Germany.
Dr. Sherwood Gerard C’49 V’54, Hartford, Conn., a retired veterinarian; Sept. 1, 2012. He was a veteran of the US Air Force.
Mr. John A. Kogut ME’49, Somers Point, N.J., a retired employee of Penn Walt-Stokes; May 28. During World War II, he served in the US Navy.
Joseph P. Leahy CE’49, Brick, N.J., a retired civil engineer March 6. During World War II, he served in the US Air Force.
Henry H. Simpson Jr. C’49, Huntingdon Valley, Pa., the public-relations manager for Tastykakes from 1963 to 1984; Nov. 20. He had earlier been a reporter for the old Philadelphia Bulletin.
Irving H. Von Zelowitz C’49, Solebury, Pa., Oct. 14, 2012. At Penn, he was a member of Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity and the wrestling team.
Joyce L. White CW’49, Denver, former head of the old Penniman Library in Bennett Hall from 1957 to 1976; May 10.



Joseph L. Baker W’50, Wayne, Pa., retired owner of car dealerships in New Jersey; May 16. At Penn, he was a member of Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity and the rowing team. He had served in the US Marines.
Frank A. Davolos EE’50, Rockledge, Fla., a retired electrical engineer; May 23. He had been chief engineer for the electrical and lighting system of the old Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia.
John M. Krochka W’50, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, a retired salesman for Whitman Chocolates; April 27. At Penn, he was a member of Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity. During World War II, he served in three branches of the US armed forces.
Edward A. Lifson Jr. W’50, Short Hills, N.J., retired co-head of an insurance firm; May 7. He had served in the US Army.
Samuel Polis ChE’50, Wilton, Conn., retired regional technical director for Crain Industries; June 6. He served in the US Army during World War II and the Korean War.
F. Richard Splan W’50, Williamsburg, Va., a retired labor-relations executive and hospital administrator; May 10. During World War II, he served in the US Army.
Sylvan M. Tobin W’50, Haverford, Pa., retired president of Fishman & Tobin Inc., a clothing conglomerate; May 29. During the Korean War, he was a bridge officer aboard an escort destroyer. His wife is Frances Emanuel Tobin CW’55 and one daughter is Sharon Tobin S. Kestenbaum W’83 WG’88. His sister is Bernice T. Rosenfeld Ed’47.
Robert J. Topchik W’50, Boca Raton, Fla., a retired insurance agent; May 22. At Penn, he was a member of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity and the basketball and football teams. During World War II, he served in the US Army. His wife is Phyllis F. Topchik Ed’52, his daughter is Meryl J. Topchik CW’72, and his son is David L. Topchik C’76 WG’79.


Dr. Ernst H. Beutner Gr’51, Buffalo, N.Y., professor emeritus of dermatology at the University at Buffalo; June 10. He founded Beutner Laboratories. During World War II, he served in the US Army.
E. Newbold Black IV ChE’51, Sandy Springs, Ga., a retired vice president for the Badger Co. and for the Pullman Kellogg Co.; June 1. A vice president of the US Olympic Committee and the International Hockey Federation, he was a world figure-skating judge. His daughter is Alexandra N. Black C’02.
Dr. S. Garrett Bolger G’51 Gr’71, Bryn Mawr, Pa., emeritus professor of English at Rosemont College who had specialized in Irish literature; May 18.
Ethel Chapman Clark GEd’51, Ambler, Pa., June 14, 2012.
Robert A. Farrington ME’51, Ft. Washington, Pa., a former president of Stainless Inc.; May 30. He had served in the US Army during World War II.
Dr. Philip C. Garrett II V’51, Naples. Fla., a retired veterinarian; June 6. During the Korean War, he served in the US Army.
Rev. Stanley E. Johnson G’51, Lafayette Hill, Pa., chaplain of the University from 1961 to 1995; June 19. He served as interim dean of undergraduate admissions from 1974 to 1977. For almost 50 years, he was judge of the finish line at the Penn Relays. His son is Peter H. Johnson C’80 and one of his daughters is Lexanne Johnson Abbott WG’84.
Dr. Clifford E. Loper D’51, Panama City, Fla., a retired dentist; Dec. 21. He served in the US Navy during World War II.
Thomas C. Lorenz W’51, Mechanicsburg, Pa., March 30. At Penn, he was a member of Theta Chi fraternity. During the Korean War, he served in the US Army.
Richard F. Parks W’51, Saginaw, Mich., a retired commercial-loan officer for the National Bank of Detroit; December 6. During World War II, he served in the US Army.
Robert D. Quinn G’51, Yardley, Pa., retired owner of an insurance brokerage located in Washington Crossing for over 50 years. May 13. During World War II, he served in the US Navy.
Russel E. Sutter WEv’51, Cinnaminson, N.J., a retired financial analyst for Ford Aerospace; May 28.
Edward G. Sutula WG’51, Drexel Hill, Pa., professor emeritus of accounting at St. Joseph’s University; Nov. 27. He also had been an adjunct professor at Villanova University. During World War II, he served in the US Army. His son is Dr. Thomas P. Sutula M’75.


Thomas C. Collins W’52, Sedona, Ariz., a retired employee with Procter & Gamble; May 24. At Penn, he was a member of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity.
Blanche Sobczak Lange GEd’52, Albuquerque, N.M., a retired assistant professor of nursing at the University of New Mexico; April 19.
Andrew J. McComas Sr. W’52, Tonawanda, N.Y., a retired personnel administrator for the Chevrolet Motor division of General Motors; April 2, his 83rd birthday. At Penn he was manager for the men’s football team, active in the Christian Association, an officer in Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity, and a member of Friars. His ROTC commission led to his service in Korea. His brothers are Murray McComas W’58 and Jeffrey McComas C’69 and Donald A. McComas C’97 WG’05 is a nephew.
Dr. Donald W. Meals Gr’52, Bradenton, Fla., former senior consultant with Arthur D. Little, Inc.; April 22.
Ivan S. Sherman W’52, Westminster, Md., a retired specialized auditor for Howard Schultz & Associates; Feb. 23. At Penn, he was a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity.


David R. Ballinger WEv’53, Timonium, Md., a retired commercial manager for PSEG, the New Jersey utility company; May 5.
Don B. Blenko L’53, Haverford, Pa., a retired corporate and antitrust lawyer; May 20.
James L. Fishel W’53, Rye Brook, N.Y., a retired vice president and chief credit officer at GE Capital; March 3. At Penn, he was a member of Tau Delta Phi fraternity.
Dr. Maurice Goldberg C’53 D’56 GD’60, New York, a retired periodontist who had served as a clinical professor of dentistry at the New York University College of Dentistry for over 40 years; Jan. 13. He had served in the US Navy Reserves, 1956-8. One son is Dr. Jeffrey E. Goldberg C’84 and his daughter is Dr. Gari G. Bloom D’86, whose husband is Dr. Charles H. Bloom D’85.
Dr. Jesse H. Hogg Jr. D’53, Hampton, Va., a retired dentist; June 19. During World War II, he served in the US Army.
Matthew D. MacKie Jr. W’53, Clarks Summit, Pa., a retired trust officer for the old Northeastern Bank (now part of PNC Bank); June 7.
Dr. John O. Mason V’53, Boone, N.C., a retired veterinarian; April 30. He served in the US Army during World War II.
Harry T. Newlands W’53, Vero Beach, Fla., a retired executive with the old Norstar Bank; Feb. 11. During World War II, he served in the US Navy.
James F. Ramsey Jr. WG’53, Tucson, Ariz., March 4.
Margaretta Harmon Stone CW’53, Neptune City, N.J., Oct. 6, 2012.
Rabbi Frank N. Sundheim C’53, Tampa, Fla., May 22. He had been regional director of the Southeast Council of the Union for Reform Judaism.
Dr. James F. Thompson Jr. V’53, Spring City, Pa., a retired veterinarian; May 9.


James H. Brennan Jr. W’54, Naples, Fla., a retired employee of Towers Perrin, the real-estate management firm; May 1. At Penn, he was a member of the Friars Senior Society and the baseball team.
George S. Cox C’54 WG’59, Hartford, Conn., a retired financial analyst; May 24. At Penn, he was a member of Theta Chi fraternity and the Penn Band.
Robert J. Halloran W’54, Naples, Fla., retired co-owner of the Metropolitan Iron Foundry; March 9.
Dr. John M. Kearney M’54, Reading, Pa., a retired surgeon at St. Joseph Hospital; Jan. 18. During World War II, he served in the US Army.
Dr. Kenneth H. McCrocklin GM’54, Louisville, Ky., a retired general surgeon; December 29. A veteran of the US Air Force, his wife is Callirrhoe N. McCrocklin WG’55.
Dr. James O’Rourke GM’54, Farmington, Conn., a retired ophthalmologist and emeritus professor of immunology at the University of Connecticut; Oct. 29, 2011.
Dr. Alfred M. Sellers GM’54, Gladwyne, Pa., an associate professor emeritus of medicine at Penn who had served as chief of the hypertension unit at HUP; May 16.
Joseph F. Trotta C’54, New Haven, Conn., a retired partner at Trotta, Trotta & Trotta law firm; May 24. At Penn, he was a member of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity.


Elizabeth Peace Sturges Anthony SW’55, Newtown Square, Pa., a retired marriage counselor in Philadelphia and West Chester; April 11, 2012.
Joan Lambert Carrithers CW’55, Corolla, N.C., a retired social worker and former executive director of Baton Rouge Youth; May 22. At Penn, she was a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. Her daughter is Sandra J. Carrithers WG’84.
Dr. James L. Fawcett M’55, Bradfordwoods, Pa., a retired physician; June 23.
Arthur H. Moss L’55, Wayne, Pa., a retired partner with the law firm of Montgomery, McCracken, Walker & Rhoades; May 9. He had served in the US Navy.
Joseph L. Reilly Jr. WG’55, Ft. Washington, Pa., a retired retail manager for J.C. Penney’s; April 11. His son is G. Brendan Reilly EAS’82.
Dr. Gerald Sowsy D’55, Revere, Mass., a retired dentist; April 29. During the Korean War, he served in the US Air Force.
Randolph G. Whittle Jr. WG’55, Johnstown, Pa., former city manager and executive director of the Greater Johnstown Committee; May 14.


John C. Balan EE’56 GEE’59, New York, a retired employee for ITT Corp.; Jan. 31. He served on the board of the Lymphoma Research Foundation.
George B. Werk WG’56 Durham, N.C., May 11. During World War II, he served in the US Navy.


Roberto F. Civita W’57, São Paulo, CEO of Abril, the Brazilian media conglomerate; May 26. In 1968, he founded Veja, the country’s largest magazine and the largest weekly magazine outside the US.
Kathryn Ricci HUP’57, Estero, Fla., a retired nurse at Naples Community Hospital; Aug. 30, 2012.
Dr. William C. Rike Jr. GM’57, San Jose, Calif., May 19.
Dr. Lawrence S. Toms V’57, Mt. Pleasant, S.C., a retired veterinarian; April 23.


Dr. John C. Henefer D’58, Honey Brook, Pa., a retired dentist; Feb. 23.
Michael Hough GLA’58, Toronto, a retired landscape architect who founded the landscape-architecture program at the University of Toronto; Feb. 20. His work included its Scarborough campus, and Ontario Place. He wrote Out of Place (1990) and Cities and Natural Process (1995).
Dr. Chester B. Martin Jr. M’58, Middleton, Wis., professor emeritus and former chair of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; May 26.
Dr. Samuel A. Nehra GD’58, Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich., a retired dentist; Jan. 25.
Dr. Alvin M. Siegler GM’58, Southbury, Conn., emeritus professor of obstetrics and gynecology at SUNY Health Science Center in Brooklyn; May 4.


William H. Hansell Jr. W’59 WG’72, Macungie, Pa., retired executive director for the International City/County Management Association in Washington; June 4. He also was executive director for the Pennsylvania Municipal League, and taught courses on local government at the University of Scranton.
Peter Steffian Ar’59, Somerville, Mass., retired chair of Steffian Bradley Architects; May 28. At Penn, he was a member of Delta Psi fraternity. His brother is John Ames Steffian Ar’57.



Truman H. Brackett Jr. G’60, Melbourne, Fla., former professor of art history at Dartmouth College; May 24.
Bruce Brenner W’60, Roanoke, Va., retired chair of Cycle Systems, Inc.; Dec. 13. At Penn, he was a member of Pi Epsilon Phi fraternity and the wrestling team.
Dr. Claire H. Liachowitz GM’60, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., former associate professor and chief of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the old Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia; March 15. She previously had been an assistant professor at Temple University Hospital, and she wrote the book Disability as a Social Construct: Legislative Roots.
Dr. Dale S. Penrod M’60, Philadelphia, May 17.
Peter J. Tutulis W’60, Westfield, N.J., a retired attorney who had maintained a practice in Union for almost 30 years; May 23.


David T. Austern C’61, Washington, general counsel of the Manville Personal Injury Settlement Trust since 1987; May 16. At Penn, he was a member of the men’s soccer team. From 2005 to 2011, he was CEO and trustee of the Dow Corning Trust. He wrote Street Law: An Introduction to Law for the Layman (1975), The Crime Victim’s Handbook (1987), and a monthly column on ethics for Trial magazine. His daughter is Elizabeth Austern C’97 EAS’97 and his son is Phillip Austern WG’05.
Robert D. Barnes GFA’61, Gilbertsville, Pa., a sculptor who had owned a sculpture-casting firm in Philadelphia and later Lambertville, N.J.; Feb. 20. His wife is Natalie Otter Barnes CW’61.
Arlene Winokur Federman CW’61, Huntingdon Valley, Pa., a retired chemistry teacher at Philadelphia High School for Girls; May 12. Her husband is Frank Federman EE’55 L’60.
F. Brian Loving GAr’61, St. Louis, a retired architect; May 7. His wife is Ann G. Loving CGS’75.
Robert J. Rossow W’61 ASC’63, Sun Lakes, Ariz., April 21. He spent his career in sales and marketing.
William R. Shane L’61, Indiana, Pa., Oct. 12, 2012. A member of the state House of Representatives in the 1970s, he worked for many years in the state Public Utility Commission.


David K. Gately GAr’62, Mill Valley, Calif., May 18, 2012.
Eugene R. Perry WG’62, Waco, Tex., April 11. In later life he was a management consultant.
Kenneth Solem GEd’62, Mullica Hill, N.J., retired professor of mathematics at Gloucester County College; May 28.
Nancy L. Tigar Nu’62, Mt. Holly, N.J., a professor of nursing at the University of Florida; March 11. She was Florida’s Nurse of the Year in 2008. During the Vietnam War, she helped set up public-health shelters there.


Dr. Walter G. Bishop Jr. M’63, Greenwood, S.C., a retired physician; June 20.
Mitchell F. Bunkin C’63 G’64, Pipersville, Pa., a professor of American government and history at Bucks County Community College; April 9.
William O. Fenner GEd’63, Winter Garden, Fla., May 28.
David F. Simmers GEE’63, Oakland, N.J., a retired program manager for BAE Systems; April 13.
Dr. Ruth Harris Singer CW’63, Baltimore, a retired physician who had been a state health administrator; May 27. She later worked in HIV-AIDS treatment. Her son is Dr. Daniel A. Singer C’91.


Bruce E. Pereyra W’64, Tewksbury, N.J., a retired investment banker; May 15. At Penn, he was a member of Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity.


Theodore M. Hagelin W’65, Manlius, N.Y., a professor at the Syracuse University law school; May 13. At Penn, he was a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity and the men’s sprint football team. His wife is Ronile Lawrence CW’68.
Alton T. Lemon SW’65, Jenkintown, Pa., a civil-rights activist; May 4. A case he helped bring before the US Supreme Court resulted in the “Lemon test,” a protocol regarding government funding of religious schools. A veteran of the US Army, his wife is Augusta Lemon Nu’59 GNu’81.
Stephen H. Nissenbaum C’65, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., former owner of Quaker State Mortgage; June 3. His brother is Robert M. Nissenbaum C’61.
Brian J. Zahn C’65 G’74, Wyncote, Pa., an artist in various media who founded Yarrowstalks, an underground newspaper that was published in Philadelphia, then in London and Copenhagen; Oct. 21, 2012. His brother is Spencer Zahn C’67.


Arthur H. Dunkin W’66, Roanoke, Va., former chief financial officer of Rowe Furniture; June 2.
Rev. George W. Yoder C’66, Lancaster, Pa., a retired Lutheran pastor; May 2. His wife is Nancy Plasterer Yoder PT’65.

Henry C. Smith III W’67,
Gladwyne, Pa., founding artistic director of Solaris Dance/Theatre and Video who was also an aikido instructor; May 12. At Penn, he was a member of the men’s track and football teams.
Barbara M. Richards G’67, Mystic, Conn., a retired fundraiser for the UConn Foundation; June 8. She had been an assistant dean of women at Penn.
Dr. Anthony M. Wojcicki D’67, Amherst, N.H., a retired orthodontist and pediatric dentist; May 1.


Louise Travis Battista Nu’68, Lake Oswego, Ore., a retired nephrology nurse and clinical-research associate; June 16. At Penn, she was a member of Chi Omega sorority. Her husband is Christopher Battista W’65 and her sister is Cicely Travis McGowin CW’65 GEd’68.
Charles H. Goudiss C’68, Wilmington, N.C., former treasurer of Sister Cities Association; March 21. At Penn, he was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.


Dr. Alan R. Belson V’69, Teaneck, N.J., a retired veterinary pathologist with the New Jersey Department of Agriculture; May 5.



Dr. Homer C. Curtis GM’70,
Gladwyne, Pa., a retired psychoanalyst with the old Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital; June 4. He was an adjunct professor of psychiatry at the University. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Philadelphia Psychiatric Society in 1997.
Maureen Simko Hreha Nu’70 GNu’83, Edison, N.J., an associate professor of nursing at Raritan Valley Community College; May 2.
Cornelio Pasquil SW’70, Walnut Grove, Calif., a retired clinical social worker for Sacramento County; Sept. 17, 2012.
Dr. Mare Taagepera Gr’70, Irvine, Calif., a retired professor of chemistry at the University of California, Irvine; April 24. She was a visiting professor at the University of Tartu in Estonia since 1996.
George H. Weiler III L’70, Bronxville, N.Y., former senior vice president at UBS Wealth Management; June 1. He had earlier been a civil-rights attorney in Washington.


Rev. Michel A. Heriard-Dubreuil WG’71, Saint-Antonin-sur-Bayon, France, an archpriest of the Greek Orthodox Church; Nov. 22. His wife is Elisabeth Heriard-Dubreuil WG’71.
Dr. Dan Alexander Seni GCP’71 Gr’93, Montreal, a retired professor in the business school at the Université du Québec à Montréal; April 3.


Robert N. Black Sr. GEd’73, Santa Monica, Calif., an integration consultant to several Ohio school districts; March 29. He had previously been a school principal in Alabama and assistant superintendent of schools in Rockford, Ill. One son is Robert N. Black W’00 L’02 WG’02.
Dr. Enrique Fernandez Gr’73, Newtown, Pa., professor emeritus of Spanish at Eastern University; Jan. 25.
Michael B. Freedman W’73 Sudbury, Mass., a marketing executive at Gillette; June 18. At Penn, he was a member of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity and the men’s soccer team. His wife is Dorothy E. Puhy CW’73 WG’75, his son is Thomas J. Freedman C’03, and his daughters are Stacy E. Freedman C’07 and Anna J. Freedman C’15.
Col. James J. Kelly WG’73, O’Fallon, Ill., a consultant for the Raytheon Corporation; Dec. 18, 2011.
Christine E. McMahon DH’73, Woodbury, N.J., a dental hygienist; May 14.


Hon. Joel K. Asarch C’74 G’75, Long Beach, N.Y., a state Supreme Court justice in Nassau County; March 3.
Dr. Scott P. Bernstein C’74, West Hartford, Conn., a physician at Hartford Hospital; April 28. His wife is Nancy Palmbaum Bernstein CW’75.
Michael J. Nicholas Jr. W’74, Stamford, Conn., a senior vice president for a reinsurance firm; Jan. 15. At Penn, he was a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity and the men’s football team.


Bruce H. Kaye C’75, West Hollywood, Calif., a real-estate broker; Nov. 7.
Deborah B. Thomas G’75, Altadena, Calif., Dec. 15. She taught art history and contemporary art and theory at Glendale College.


Eugene P. Vorhies Jr. WG’76, Goodyear, Ariz., a former management consultant; Feb. 14.


George S. R. Gutierrez C’77, San Antonio, an attorney; Oct. 1, 2012. At Penn, he was a member of the Sphinx Senior Society.
Wendy Rosen Landes C’77, Los Angeles, a family-law attorney; March 14.


Richard H. Stade WG’78, Houston, retired president of CRI Chemical Catalysts Co.; Jan. 24.


Mary Ellen G. Gilligan EE’79, Haddon Heights, N.J., April 14. At Penn, she was a member of the Sphinx Senior Society. Her husband is Peter F. Gilligan CE’78 and one of her sisters is Margaret Gray Roeltgen CW’72, whose husband is Dr. David P. Roeltgen C’72.
Denise D. Holland C’79, Bear, Del., a former staff psychologist with the state Division of Child Mental Health Services; Nov. 11.
Margaret Manion Schnarr CGS’79 G’84, Woodbury, N.J., May 5. She had taught history at the old Glassboro State College (now Rowan College). Her daughter is Margaret Schnarr Adams CW’73.



Kim Peckman C’80, West Chester, Pa., a teacher at Media Elementary School; June 10.


Eric B. Hertz WG’84, Auckland, New Zealand, CEO of 2degrees Mobile; March 31.


Dr. Christopher F. Huntington C’85, Providence, R.I., an orthopedic surgeon; March 8.
Ellen J. Rigby W’85, New York, general counsel at Emmes Asset Management Co.; Feb. 3.


Ann L. Kaplan L’87, North Bethesda, Md., May 24.


Dr. Linda Robbins Levine Gr’88, New York, professor of cultural anthropology and education at Bank Street College of Education; Jan. 22.


Jason H. Sheftell C’89, New York, a real estate reporter for The New York Daily News; June 17. At Penn, he was a member of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity. He previously had been a writer for Cigar Aficionado magazine.



Miki N. Takamori C’90, Philadelphia, supervisor of clinical operations for the obstetrics-gynecology department at HUP; April 1.



Alice Carlin GNu’05, Havertown, Pa., June 2.
Kent Gossett WG’05, Wallingford, Pa., former partner of Srone, the corporate venture-capital arm of GlaxoSmithKline; June 8.


Faculty and Staff

Dr. David R. Gaskell, West Lafayette, Ind., former professor of metallurgy and materials science at the University (from 1967 to 1982) who was a professor of metallurgical engineering at Purdue University; April 7. He wrote the textbooks Introduction to Metallurgical Thermodynamics (1981) and An Introduction to the Thermodynamics of Materials (1981).
Dr. Edward Gosfield Jr. See Class of 1939.
Dr. Homer C. Curtis. See Class of 1970.
Rev. Stanley E. Johnson. See Class of 1951.
Dr. Henrika Kuklick, Philadelphia, emeritus professor of the history and sociology of science; May 12. Her research interests included the development of human-science disciplines in the American university and the role of science in justifying colonial settlements. She wrote The Savage Within and edited Science in the Field and A New History of Anthropology.
Dr. J. Donald Ostrow, Seattle, emeritus professor of gastroenterology at Northwestern University who had served as professor of medicine and chief of the gastroenterology section in what is now the Perelman School of Medicine, 1970-78; Jan. 10. He had taught at Northwestern from 1978 to 1995. He was an expert on bilirubin.
Dr. Larry M. Robbins, Pittsfield, Mass., a retired professor of English; April 28. He created a communications program for the Wharton School, an undergraduate arts-management program, and a teacher-development program. His book The Business of Writing and Speaking (1995) has been reprinted numerous times.
Barbara M. Richards. See Class of 1967.
Dr. Alfred M. Sellers. See Class of 1954.
Miki N. Takamori. See Class of 1990.
Joyce L. White. See Class of 1949.
Dr. Benjamin Wolf. See Class of 1959.


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