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National Insecurity
Richard Clarke C’72 probably knows—and cares—more about national security than anyone alive, as he proved on 9/11 and afterwards. His new book examines the government’s failures, offers remedies—and tells some stories.
By Samuel Hughes

Losing the Waigul Valley
Through the lens of his own experiences, an alumnus and former Army infantry officer reflects on tactical victories and strategic failure in northeastern Afghanistan.
By Erik Malmstrom C’03. Plus: An interview with U.S. Foreign Service Officer Matt Asada C’02 W’02 on his posting to Afghanistan

Marketing the Macabre
From a vampire-slaying-sword auction to wine tastings with fans, Leslie Esdaile Banks W’80 has used her Wharton training (and an almost supernatural business sense) to promote her bestselling book series. By Susan Frith

The Next, Next Thing
If serial entrepreneur Elon Musk W’95 has his way, sending a payload—and eventually, people—into space will be handled commercially, more like UPS than “the Right Stuff.” (At least if you leave out the part about settling Mars.) Oh, and the rest of us here on earth will be able to tap affordable solar power and drive fast, efficient, cool-looking electric cars. By Robert Strauss

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