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Bones Beneath the Tracks
In the summer of 1832, 57 Irish laborers died suddenly while building the first railroad in Pennsylvania. Alumnus Bill Watson and a host of other Penn people have been trying to find out what really happened. And they’re getting close. By Samuel Hughes

Spreading Hope and Music
Through music and a grassroots organization for girls,
ethnomusicology grad student Jennifer Kyker is making things happen in Zimbabwe.
By Cai Emmons

On Hearths, Ancient and Modern
In which the author takes a break from the rigors of her own ethnographic research in France’s Dordogne region to visit with eminent Penn archaeologist Harold Dibble as he plumbs the mysteries of early human and Neandertal behavior—and plots his next gourmet meal.
By Beebe Bahrami

More Light
“I think that what is changing about my writing is my willingness to go darker so that I can come out with more light,” says memoirist and fiction writer Beth Kephart C’82. In her new novel, set in Philadelphia during the Centennial, a young woman contemplates suicide following the accidental death of her twin. By John Prendergast
Plus: An excerpt from Dangerous Neighbors.

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NOV | DEC 2010
Volume 109, No.2

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David Hollenbach

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