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Penn Connected
With the opening of Penn Park in September, the University’s eastward expansion is now a reality. A brief history of what it took to transform this long-sought dead zone into an oasis.
By Trey Popp

Pointing the Way to the Pole
He didn’t find the Open Polar Sea he was looking for—and probably overestimated how far North he actually managed to get—but the Arctic discoveries of Isaac Israel Hayes M1853 helped set the course for later explorers. And that was just the first of his several careers.

By Dennis Drabelle

The Spirit of Caring
They don’t diagnose illnesses, prescribe drugs, perform medical procedures, or suggest treatment options, but chaplains and other pastoral care staff are a key part of the medical team at Penn’s hospitals.
By Kathryn Levy Feldman

Some Words for Nixon
In an excerpt from his new memoir, Speechwright, William Gavin ASC’62 looks back at his time as a speechwriter for Richard Nixon, the first of several high-profile political figures he served.
Plus: A Q&A with the author by Samuel Hughes


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NOV | DEC 2011
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