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DESIGN Daniel Gluck W’91 GFA’92 put sex in a museum

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TRANSLATION “Glenn Gould of translators” Edith Grossman CW’57 G’59

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FAITH OF OUR FATHERS: An American Catholic History By Edward F. Mannino C’63 L’66 (Wingspan Press, 2012, $14.95.) Profiling such luminaries as Robert F. Kennedy, Bruce Springsteen, and Flannery O’Connor, Mannino, a lawyer and historian, chronicles the role of Catholics in shaping American history as they progressed from an ostracized minority during the colonial era to an integral part of the American cultural tapestry. BUY THIS BOOK

GARNET POEMS: An Anthology of Connecticut Poetry Since 1776 Edited by Dennis Barone Gr’84 (Wesleyan University Press, 2012, $28.95.) The Nutmeg State has produced more than its share of first-rate poetry over the years, and Barone has collected a meaty sampling by 42 poets—from Wallace Stevens and Donald Hall to Harriet Beecher Stowe and Susan Howe—who lived there. Barone is a professor of English at the University of Saint Joseph. BUY THIS BOOK

CANCER HEALING ODYSSEY: My Wife’s Remarkable Journey with Love, Medicine and Natural Therapies By Sarto Schickel GAr’87 (Paxdieta Books, 2012, $18.95.) When Sun Hee Lee was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer and malignant pleural effusion five years ago, the odds were overwhelmingly grim. Yet through a healing journey that included conventional oncological treatment at a Philadelphia hospital, a 10-day sojourn to the Gerson clinic in Mexico, and what Shickel calls the “Trinity of Natural Healing”—positive thinking, abundant nutrition (including organic food and supplements), and detoxification—she recovered. BUY THIS BOOK

THE PRIVATEERING STROKE: Salem’s Privateers in the War of 1812 By Capt. Michael Rutstein C’86 (CreateSpace, 2012, $19.95.) During the War of 1812, some 500 American privateers captured an estimated 2,000 British ships, five times as many as did the US Navy. By wreaking havoc with the British economy, they also hastened the end of the war, notes Rutstein, who chronicles the privateering efforts of Salem, Massachusetts. BUY THIS BOOK

CRAZY LITTLE RISK CALLED LOVE By Yuval Bar-Or G’98 GrW’00 (TLB Publishing, 2012, $14.95.) Bar-Or, an adjunct professor of finance at Johns Hopkins’ Carey Business School and the author of Play to Prosper, approaches love and human sexuality from the unlikely perspective of a risk manager, and counsels readers on the ways to mitigate heartbreaking experiences. BUY THIS BOOK

STRANGE CASE OF MR. BODKIN & FATHER WHITECHAPEL By M. Elias Keller C’01 ¬†(GZI Productions, 2012, $9.95.) In this¬† “companion novel” to Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Keller presents the flip side of the repressed personality unleashed. When Geoffrey Bodkin, a ruthless banker, drinks the potion, his saintly counterpart, Father Whitechapel, emerges. But his unhindered charity threatens London’s upper classes, who will stop him by any means—even framing him for some notorious murders. BUY THIS BOOK


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