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Countdown to Census 2000
Illustration by Rich LillashThe 1990 U.S. Census missed 8.4 million residents and counted more than four million people twice–a discrepancy that affected most heavily the urban and rural poor, minority communities and children. Penn trustee Gilbert Casellas L’77 is among those monitoring preparations to ensure a more accurate population count before the next decennial census, which will be carried out in April. Continued...

CLASS OF ’94 & ’96
A Mouthful of Music
"Six guys. Six mouths. That’s it." You might just have to see 617 to believe what you hear. This a cappella group spits out a blend of doo-wop, urban and pop music—literally. Scott Harris C’96 and Jason Downie W’94 are two members of this Boston-based mouth band who spent their college days harmonizing together in the Penn Six-5000. Continued...

Back to the Books, Er, Listserv
Bills and mortgages. Day care and diaper changes. Making partner—or simply making the morning train. Life after college zooms by, and before you know it, it’s been years since you’ve picked up a syllabus or argued over the significance of Shakespeare. Continued...

Illustration by Rich LillashCLASS OF '84
The Dirty Little Secret About Bathing
Like to sing in the shower? Better substitute jingles for those arias—for your skin’s sake. Americans are "personal-hygiene maniacs," frets Dr. Barney Kenet CGS’84, a dermatological surgeon at New York Hospital/ Cornell University Medical Center and skin-care consultant to many celebrities. Continued...

Great Expectations
All she wanted was a navy-blue power suit. In 1981, a very pregnant Rebecca Crane Matthias CW’75 stepped into a Boston maternity store looking for clothes to wear to work. To her dismay, the racks were replete with pink checks, sailor collars and pouffed sleeves—all inappropriate for her job as a vice president at her husband’s start-up computer company. Continued...

Illustration by Sam DayCLASS OF '35
85, and Still Throwing His Weights Around
"I don’t jump very high," Robert Detweiler W’35 L’38 likes to tell people. "But I jump pretty high for an 85-year-old." Few would argue with the Philadelphia-area attorney, who took second place in his age group in the high jump at the 1999 Outdoor National Masters track and field championship. Continued...

Zootable for Any Audience
Douglas Leferovich C’94 and Seth Yudof EAS’94 serve up comical magic and mayhem as The Gamesters ... Continued...

Something Wick’d This Way Comes
For those who want to be prepared for any contingency on New Year's Day 2000, the Millennium Candle—which burns for up to 800 hours—should fit nicely into your stockpile. Continued...

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