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John Segal illustration
John Segal
Tiny Illustrations Make a Big Impression

Many of John Segal's watercolor paintings would fit in the palm of your hand, but what they lack in size they make up in fanciful detail, from the beady eyes of a lobster to the gleam on a Comice pear.
   "I guess I always had a fondness or weakness for beautiful, small objects," says Segal, C'80, who lives in New York. Continued...

Kitsie Schelter
Community on Wheels

The day Kitsie Schelter turned 56, she did something more exerting than blowing out birthday candles. She began a 3,400-mile bike trip across the country, raising $10,000; the proceeds went to Planned Parenthood -- Southeastern Pennsylvania. Continued...

Wendy Neuss
From the Quad to the Delta Quadrant ... and Beyond

It's only fitting Wendy Neuss would boldly go where she had never gone before: after nearly 10 years helping crews from Star Trek explore the galaxies, she's left one of the most enduring franchises in show business to strike out on her own in Hollywood.
   Well, not exactly alone. She and her fiance, Patrick Stewart -- Captain Jean-Luc Picard to fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation -- have founded a production company to develop movie projects. It's called Flying Freehold -- after a British real-estate term -- and Neuss is senior vice president, in charge of everything from ordering stationery to finding scripts.

Judy Hutchison
Trounced in Trivia Game?

Question: This Wharton alumna lost -- big time -- on the quiz show Jeopardy and still wants her classmates to know about it.
   Answer: Who is Judy Hutchison?

Dr. William R. Ferris
Scholar of the South

The newest chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities has at least two things in common with his predecessor, Dr. Sheldon Hackney, Hon'93, former president of the University: a Penn connection and scholarship in the American South. Continued...

Alexandra Martinez Tornek
Babies Prefer Bach

While conducting infancy research in Miami, Alexandra Martinez Tornek, C'90, kept hearing mothers talk about how their babies loved to watch television.
   Knowing what an important role sensory stimulation plays in infants' cognitive and emotional development, she decided to "reinvent" the way the medium was being used. The result is So Smart!, which plugs itself as "the first infant-stimulation video created by an infancy researcher." It's the first product of Tornek's new business, The Baby School Company.

Ed Feldman
Wielding Puns and Staple Guns

"Who the hell wants to think about banging a nail in when they're banging a nail in?" asks Ed Feldman, C'82.
   That's the philosophy behind Men in Tool Belts, his new how-to show with Joe L'Erario on The Learning Channel. So whether they're installing a hot tub, repairing a roof, or revamping a kitchen during their half-hour time slot, they're also cracking jokes and making references to pop culture, literature, and history. Kelly Ryan, C'84, is the show's executive producer and director.

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