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Stanley Chodorow
Chodorow Resigns as Provost
After "serious reflection," Dr. Stanley Chodorow, Penn's provost for the past three and a half years, announced last month that he was resigning in the wake of becoming one of five finalists for the presidency of the University of Texas at Austin. He will remain in office until the end of this month. While his resignation as provost is official regardless of what happens, he will stay on as a professor of history at Penn if he is not chosen for the UT-Austin job or for the presidency of any other university where he has been a candidate. Continued...

At Last, IAST
Not only did trustees' chairman Dr. P. Roy Vagelos, C'50, and his wife Diana cut the ribbon last month for the Roy and Diana Vagelos Laboratories of the Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, to which they had already contributed $10 million in 1995; they also pledged another $10 million for a new undergraduate program in molecular life sciences. Continued...

Celebrating Women's Leadership the Penn Way
Leadership has many faces, and at a recent three-day conference celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Trustees' Council of Penn Women, the myriad styles -- and results -- of women's leadership were given voice.
   First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Hon'93, the symposium's keynote speaker, noted that the very term "women's issues" was somewhere between "unfortunate" and inadequate. "After all," Clinton said to about 950 council members, students, and staff at Zellerbach Theater, "don't fathers worry about how long their wives and newborn babies can stay in the hospital when they deserve care? Don't men want to take time off when a family member is gravely ill? Don't sons want to ensure that their elderly parents have adequate health-care coverage in the later stages of life?" Continued...

Bucking the Odds
At a panel discussion titled "Against All Odds: Using Adversity as a Stepping Stone to Success," several current and former Penn students gratefully -- and movingly -- recounted the aid given by the Trustees' Council of Penn Women during times of great personal crisis. Colleen Walsh, a College junior, has received two emergency grants from the council. A year and a half ago, as a second-semester freshman, she suffered a stroke as a result of a blood clot that passed through a hole in her heart and traveled to her brain. She had open heart surgery to fix the hole, but could not work for the summer after her freshman year. Since her mother was also very ill, she did not have the money to return to school. She found out about the council when she sent an e-mail to a friend asking for help. Continued...

Susan Saas illustration
Independent Africa: Visions and Realities
Dr. Patrick Cole, visiting professor of history, was musing about the influential African and African-American men who have taught or studied at the University -- a roster that began with W.E.B. DuBois and has included the presidents of Nigeria and Ghana and the former prime minister of the Cote d'Ivoire. (Cole himself has been a candidate for the presidency of Nigeria, a member of its Federal Cabinet, and Nigeria's ambassador to Brazil.)
   "How did these great men end up at the University of Pennsylvania?" Continued...

Despite Protests, Trustees Approve Outsourcing Agreement
Citing the need to enhance services and lower costs, Penn's board of trustees has approved a plan to "outsource" the University's facilities-management operation to the Dallas-based Trammell Crow Co. Continued...

Excessive Force?
An investigation is underway to determine whether University Police officers used excessive force in subduing a Penn freshman after they arrested him and two other men for disorderly conduct. Continued...

Jiang Speaks at Penn
While a group of demonstrators protested a block away -- mostly against China's treatment of Tibet -- Chinese President Jiang Zemin spoke to a small audience of Penn faculty and students in the Harrison Auditorium of the University Museum, which was suffused with pale red light for the occasion. Continued...

Cancer illustration by John S. Dykes
Fighting Cancer on Two Fronts
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center have made important advances on two fronts of the war against cancer. In one, a team working with colleagues from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has found a quick new way to boost the immune system's cancer-fighting forces -- in other words, to make a cancer vaccine. Continued...

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