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The Pennsylvania Gazette RSS Feed

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a way to distribute new content to users of RSS readers or news aggregators directly to your computer and other web-enabled devices. RSS feeds are XML files that generally contain simple headlines or titles and brief descriptions; if a user wishes to read more about a particular item, they click on the link to go to the corresponding website.

How Do I Subscribe to the Gazette’s RSS Feed?

In most cases, in order to access RSS, you will need a special news reader or aggregator. There are many RSS readers, both web and software-based, that are available for free. Some popular, free browser-based RSS aggregators include Bloglines, Google Reader and My Yahoo.

To subscribe, click on the rss icon in the location bar:

1. Open your reader.
2. Click or Copy the following link http://www.upenn.edu/gazette/rss/gazette.xml
3. In your reader, select "Add" or "Subscribe" or paste the link of the RSS into the RSS reader.