Mission Continuity Resources and Tools: Penn Continuity Professional Certification (PCPC)

Mission Continuity (MCP) at Penn is accomplished by a large and broad network of people throughout the institution.  MCP involves staff members from different backgrounds, who bring different experiences to their work on continuity planning.  This diversity enriches the program and helps to keep it vibrant.

It’s helpful, however, for all members of the MCP community to have a common understanding of certain aspects of continuity planning as a field.  For this purpose, the MCP program offers the Penn Continuity Professional Certification (PCPC) program.

The initiative’s goal is to enhance general knowledge about the field of continuity planning, in support of Penn’s Mission Continuity Program.  It is open to all members of the MCP community (Penn staff who are not currently MCP community members can access the program if space is available).

PCPC consists of both in-person training sessions and online modules.  Certification will be granted at 3 levels:

  • Level I:  complete 2 in-person training sessions and 1 online training module
  • Level II:  complete 4 in-person training sessions and 2 online training modules
  • Level III:  complete 6 in-person training sessions and 3 online training modules

In-person training modules will take place throughout the year; information about scheduled sessions will be circulated to all MCP community members.  Registration for in-person training can be done via Knowledge Link here.

Online training may be accessed at any time.

In preparation for the program, participants may wish to review the MCP training modules in Knowledge Link:

  • Information Privacy and Security at Penn
  • Mission Continuity Program Knowledge Building
  • Mission Continuity Program: Shadow-Planner Application
  • Mission Continuity Program: Business Impact Analysis

Online training that counts towards certification includes the following:


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