Getting Started with Mission Continuity: Training

Training for the University’s Mission Continuity program and the Shadow-Planner system includes components on information security, an overview of program principles, and the mechanics of using the software. All are required to gain system access—and also recommended for individuals who are otherwise involved with Mission Continuity in their School/Center, or Department.

Mission Continuity Program Curriculum

  • Information Privacy and Security at Penn
  • Mission Continuity Program Knowledge Building
  • Mission Continuity Program: Shadow-Planner Application
  • Mission Continuity Program: Business Impact Analysis

All training is online and available in KnowledgeLink, Go to and authenticate using your PennKey and PennKey password. Search the catalog for “Mission Continuity Program Curriculum 2 (Includes BIA)” and click “Self-Assign Curriculum”. The curriculum page will open and each of the four courses to be completed will be listed.

Accessing Shadow-Planner
To gain access to the Shadow-Planner system once you have completed the training requirements, please complete an access form, ensure that it has the appropriate signatures, scan it and e-mail it to

Reviewing Training

If you would like to review a specific aspect of Shadow-Planner’s functionality, you may view any of the attached documents.

Action Plan training
Call List training
Procedures training
Reports training
Linking plans
Opening a URL from inside the system


If you have any trouble with the courses or any MCP-related questions or concerns, please e-mail



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