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The Mission Continuity Program (MCP) sponsors a University-wide tabletop exercise (TTX) annually. All University organizations use the same event scenario as the basis for their TTX. The goal is to test an organization’s ability to plan, respond and recover in the event of an outage or disruption in order to continue operations and uphold the core mission of the University. The Provost and Executive Vice President have asked that all Schools and Centers within the University participate in conducting a tabletop exercise.

It's time to schedule your FY2022 tabletop exercise. Tabletops will be held from February 1 - April 30, 2022. We ask that you schedule your TTX by the end of January 2022. To schedule, please e-mail Maureen Goldsmith at mgoldsmi@upenn.edu.  Please provide:  the name of your organization; the name of the contact person; the date of your exercise; the start and end time of your exercise; whether your exercise will be on-premise, virtual or a hybrid;  if on-premise, the location of your exercise (building and room number).  The scenario for the exercise is located here.


Each School and Center is strongly encouraged to review their Mission Continuity BCP plans and BIA information stored in Shadow-Planner and update them where appropriate.  It is especially important with this year’s test to make sure your Disaster Recovery (DR) plans within the BCP module are up to date as it will be linked to your BIA module to be tested.  Participants should refresh themselves on these plans and individual roles to best prepare and expect the unexpected.

Schools and Centers are encouraged to assign individual participants to observe and chronicle the exercise. This will allow organizations to obtain feedback about the exercise and their plans.

Mission Continuity external experts will facilitate the exercise and other central university representatives will be present to assist and answer questions that may arise.


This exercise will test the planning that is in place, human decision-making, teamwork, and infrastructure flexibility. Participants will be challenged to recall and follow existing mission continuity plans, making adjustments decisively as circumstances warrant.

These individual reports will also serve as the basis for a university-wide report prepared by the MCP Leadership to be presented to the Provost and Executive Vice President.


Each School or Center will produce a post-exercise report that will contain valuable information about lessons learned and next steps. These reports should serve as both a narrative of the experience and a forward-looking document to guide your team and the University in future planning.

These individual reports will also serve as the basis for a university-wide report prepared by the MCP Steering Group to be presented to the Provost and Executive Vice President.


  1. The MCP is providing a scenario for the TTX. It is a fictitious event, and all University organizations will use the same event as the basis for their TTX. The scenario will allow for activation of several different types of BCP plans (loss of building, technology, human resources, etc.) and of the BIA.
  2. A facilitator will be available for the TTXs, as well as representatives from some central University units. The scenario will be provided to the facilitator and the participants.
  3. Organizations may request that an observer attend the TTX, to provide feedback on the exercise and the plans.
  4. TTX organizers have been asked to complete a short post-exercise report and return it to the MCP leadership, to discuss how the experience was for them and their organization.

The TTX initiative will be discussed at the planner group meetings. School and Center staff are encouraged and welcome to attend to gain more information and to ask questions.

Members of the MCP leadership are happy to meet with MCP liaisons or representatives, speak on the phone, or answer e-mails, with questions about this exercise.

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