Mission Continuity Resources and Tools: Pre-Planning Questionnaire

Please note: Individuals completing this questionnaire should have already finished the online Knowledge Building module (available soon) designed to acquaint them with Mission Continuity, its purpose, its benefits to their School or Center, some of the roles and processes related to the program, and terms within this questionnaire.

The Pre-Planning Questionnaire (PPQ) is intended to capture key data elements that will allow plan liaisons and plan contributors to begin to construct their foundation mission continuity plans in Shadow-Planner.

In some schools and centers, multiple PPQs will be necessary—especially in larger organizations where critical processes, functions, and resources are too disparate to be captured on a single questionnaire. Plan liaisons and plan contributors are encouraged to review the PPQ(s) with their local management (e.g., senior business officer, department chair, unit/department head, business administrator, mission continuity program representative) to ensure that the list of critical processes, functions, and resources is comprehensive and prioritized appropriately.


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