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Many Penn Press books are available in electronic form—as PDF or, more selectively, EPUB files—from selected distributors of ebooks to libraries and individuals. Temporarily, however, ebooks are unavailable for download from our website.

Ebook options

Many Penn Press titles are available through third-party distributors of electronic books to libraries and individuals. These include:

Each vendor has its own pricing, delivery system, and terms. Please follow the links for more information.

A note on ebook piracy

As you explore the internet you will probably encounter sites that purport to offer Penn Press books for free download. Be aware that the download links found on such sites are most probably clickbait, designed to trap you into installing malware on your computer.

Ebook piracy is a real problem, however. Although you are unlikely to come across direct links to pirated content, if you do, please let us know by sending the location details to our rights desk at We will take appropriate action.

Anniversary Collection

Marking its 125th anniversary, the University of Pennsylvania Press has rereleased more than 1000 Penn Press titles that had fallen out of print since the Press's beginnings in the nineteenth century. These Anniversary Collection books are available in print and digital forms exclusively through our European publishing partner De Gruyter. They may be purchased individually as PDF ebooks or as hardcover print-on-demand reprints, at the uniform price of $79.95 (£70.50, €74,00), via the "Buy from DeGruyter" link on relevant book pages on our website, or you may search for them directly on De Gruyter's own website. From De Gruyter our books are also available to institutions for single-title purchase or in subject-area packages that reflect the strengths of the Press's editorial program. Follow the De Gruyter links for more about Penn Press books available from this independent academic publisher.

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