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The University of Pennsylvania Press exists to publish meritorious works that advance scholarly research and educational objectives. The Press was originally incorporated with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on 26 March 1890, and the imprint of the University of Pennsylvania Press first appeared on publications in the closing decade of the nineteenth century—among the earliest such imprints in America. Today the Press has an active backlist of more than 3000 titles and an annual output of upwards of 140 new books and periodical issues in a focused editorial program across the humanities and social sciences. Read more . . .

Operations of the Press are distributed among the three departments of the Books Division, the Journals Division, and the Business and Administration Department:

Works with the elevated intellectual and literary qualities prized most by the Press may reward and enlighten the reader, yet they seldom enrich their publisher. Since often the best, most important, and most enduring scholarly works never sell in numbers sufficient to recover their costs of publication, university presses of all sizes rely on philanthropic gifts, outside grants, and endowment funding to supplement their publishing income and maintain their operations. The University of Pennsylvania Press needs your help in meeting the continuing challenge of fulfilling its mission to advance knowledge. Gifts in all amounts are welcome, all are tax-deductible, and all qualify as gifts to the University of Pennsylvania. Read more . . .

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