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The Book of Marmalade
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The Book of Marmalade

C. Anne Wilson

Revised Edition
184 pages | 5 1/2 x 9 | 12 illus.
Paper 2000 | ISBN 9780812217278 | $24.95s | Outside the Americas £18.99
Not for sale in the United Kingdom

"A delightful definitive study."—New York Times
"An excellent study and a model of its kind."—William Woys Weaver

"Wilson has found out just about everything anyone could ever have wanted to know about the splendid preserve."—Bristol Evening Post

"The history is laid out lovingly on a plate, garnished with historical and up-to-date recipes."—Caterer and Hotelkeeper

"Fascinating and pioneering."—London Magazine

Here is everything you need to know about marmalade. C. Anne Wilson, Britain's foremost historian of food, traces the history of this most British of preserves from its Roman and medieval antecedents, through its adoption in Tudor England, its development in Stuart and Georgian Britain, and its fortunes up to the present day. She tells how the Portuguese learned from the Moors to eat quince marmalade, and how its characteristic Arab flavorings enhanced its appeal to the Europeans. Marmalade's varied roles—as a gift, as a sweetmeat, as a medicine, and as an aphrodisiac-are all discussed in The Book of Marmalade. The book concludes with dozens of recipes, new and traditional, in which marmalade is the star ingredient.

C. Anne Wilson was for many years in charge of the special collection of cookery books at the Brotherton Library in Leeds, England. She is the author of Food and Drink in Britain and many other studies of British food history.

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