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The Great Legal Philosophers
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The Great Legal Philosophers
Selected Readings in Jurisprudence

Edited by Clarence Morris

576 pages | 6 x 9
Paper 1971 | ISBN 9780812210088 | $28.95s | Outside the Americas £21.99

"The pick of the crop of jurisprudential thought. . . . Well apt to serve not only study and reference but also recreational reading purposes."—Maximillian Koessler, Missouri Law Review

"This is a collection of writings on the philosophy of the law, featuring, from Aristotle to Roscoe Pound, 22 great thinkers of all ages and many nations. Almost every writer who contributed to the development of jurisprudence is represented. . . . Morris has done an impressive and well-considered selection job."—Library Journal

"This book should be in the library of every lawyer who believes he is a member of a learned profession."—New Jersey State Bar Journal

"The philosophers have been well chosen to bring out the various battles of ideas that have raged and are raging in legal philosophy. . . . Morris has been particularly happy in his selection of passages that bring out the shifts in emphasis and the conflicts in ideas from age to age, philosopher to philosopher."—Arno C. Becht, Washington University Law Quarterly

Aristotle - Cicero - Aquinas - Grotius - Hobbes - Montesquieu - Hume - Rousseau - Kant - Bentham - von Savigny - Hegel - Austin - Mill - von Ihering - Holmes - Ehrlich - Dabin - Dewey - Cardozo - Pound

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