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The Categorical Imperative
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The Categorical Imperative
A Study in Kant's Moral Philosophy

H. J. Paton

288 pages | 5 1/2 x 8
Paper 1971 | ISBN 9780812210231 | $19.95s
Not for sale outside North America and the Philippines

"The great merit of Paton's book is that it sets aside altogether the conventional criticisms of Kant's ethics and calls upon the reader to study Kant's own statements."—H. Barker, Mind

"A memorable volume, which comes as near a classical exposition of its theme as possible. . . . This book asks for the cooperation of the reader, but the reader may pick it up with complete confidence that he will receive from it rewards out of all keeping with his effort."—Times Educational Supplement

"I do not know of any other treatise which presents Kant's doctrine with such clarity and objectivity, and with such detailed references, not only to the text, but also to the other works of Kant. This is a truly scholarly work, in which the author draws on that extensive knowledge of Kant's whole system which only a lifetime of study can give and which is indispensable for the proper understanding of particular works. . . . Paton is always clear, learned, and thought-provoking, and brings to Kantian studies a freshness and a common sense that are very much absent in so many commentators."—A. McNicholl, O.P., The Thomist

H. J. Paton was the author of several books, including Kant's Metaphysic of Experience and The Good Will.

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