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Greg Daly

144 pages | 6 1/8 x 9 1/4 | 100 color illus.
Paper 2012 | ISBN 9780812221930 | $29.95s | Outside the Americas £22.99
A volume in the series Ceramics Handbooks
Not for sale in the British Commonwealth, except Canada, or in the European Union

Lustreware, once associated with alchemy for its golden effects, may no longer be a guarded secret of potters and tillers, but the technique still intimidates many artists. The challenging mix of science and art requires a great deal of experimentation to achieve the desired results. Perfecting lustre demands patience, experience, and, above all, knowledge. Yet the iridescent beauty of this decorative technique makes it all worthwhile. Lustre takes on many appearances, from a warm coppery glow to a spectacular prismatic finish. In Lustre, ceramic artist Greg Daly demystifies the method and removes the guesswork from the process.

Lustre begins with a brief historical overview of the technique, from its origins in ninth-century Tunisia to the application of nanotechnology in the ceramics industry today. Daly then guides ceramicists through each lustre production method: pigment, glaze, resin, and fuming. In each case, he breaks down the essential techniques and important safety procedures through simple step-by-step instructions and recipes. The handbook provides detailed technical information in clear language and easy-to-read tables and charts. The results, presented in full-color photographs, are sure to inspire. Lustre features examples of some of the world's best ceramics.

Daly's encouraging and practical book gives intermediate to advanced ceramic makers and ceramic teachers the knowledge to produce an amazing variety of metallic finishes. This one-of-a-kind guide puts the magic of lustre within reach.

Australian Greg Daly is a ceramicist of international standing with works in collections worldwide. He is the author of Glazes and Glazing Techniques.

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