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Human Rights Education
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Human Rights Education
Theory, Research, Praxis

Edited by Monisha Bajaj. Afterword by Nancy Flowers

368 pages | 6 x 9 | 1 illus.
Paper 2017 | ISBN 9780812249026 | $55.00s | Outside the Americas £44.00
Ebook editions are available from selected online vendors
A volume in the series Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights

"The collection's very existence (all 300-plus pages) signifies the remarkable growth, presence, and diversity of human rights education (HRE) . . . For anyone seeking inspiration and engagement, desiring systemic change and social justice, and hoping to learn more about the construction of work about HRE, through HRE, and for HRE, Human Rights Education is essential reading."—Human Rights Review

"By assembling a collection of essays by leaders in the field of human rights education and drawing from a wide and distinguished set of disciplinary homes, Monisha Bajaj has done a great service to scholars, teachers, and students interested in pursuing this fast-emerging and critically important topic."—Jacqueline Bhabha, Harvard University

"Human Rights Education lives up to its promise. Monisha Bajaj has put together an impressive set of studies reviewing the whole rapidly expanding arena, from theory and research to fascinating accounts of practice."—John W. Meyer, Stanford University

Over the past seven decades, human rights education has blossomed into a global movement. A field of scholarship that utilizes teaching and learning processes, human rights education addresses basic rights and broadens the respect for the dignity and freedom of all peoples. Since the founding of the United Nations and the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, human rights education has worked toward ensuring that schools and non-formal educational spaces become sites of promise and equity.

Bringing together the voices of leaders and researchers deeply engaged in understanding the politics and possibilities of human rights education as a field of inquiry, Monisha Bajaj's Human Rights Education shapes our understanding of the practices and processes of the discipline and demonstrates the ways in which it has evolved into a meaningful constellation of scholarship, policy, curricular reform, and pedagogy. Contributions by pioneers in the field, as well as emerging scholars, constitute this foundational textbook, which charts the field's rise, outlines its conceptual frameworks and models, and offers case studies from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. The volume analyzes how human rights education has been locally tailored to diverse contexts and looks at the tensions and triumphs of such efforts.

Historicizing human rights education while offering concrete grounding for those who seek entry into this dynamic field of scholarship and practice, Human Rights Education is essential reading for students, educators, researchers, advocates, activists, practitioners, and policy makers.

Contributors: Monisha Bajaj, Ben Cislaghi, Nancy Flowers, Melissa Leigh Gibson, Diane Gillespie, Carl A. Grant, Tracey Holland, Megan Jensen, Peter G. Kirchschlaeger, Gerald Mackie, J. Paul Martin, Sam Mejias, Chrissie Monaghan, Audrey Osler, Oren Pizmony-Levy, Susan Garnett Russell, Carol Anne Spreen, David Suárez, Felisa Tibbitts, Rachel Wahl, Chalank Yahya, Michalinos Zembylas.

Monisha Bajaj is Associate Professor of International and Multicultural Education at the University of San Francisco. She is coeditor of Peace Education: International Perspectives and author of Schooling for Social Change: The Rise and Impact of Human Rights Education in India.

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