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The Scientific Achievement of the Middle Ages
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The Scientific Achievement of the Middle Ages

Richard C. Dales

192 pages | 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Paper 1973 | ISBN 9780812210576 | $21.95s | Outside the Americas £16.99
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A volume in the Middle Ages Series
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"A delight to read . . . as an introduction to medieval science."—Speculum
The scientists of the twelfth century were daring, original, inventive, and above all determined to discover purely rational explanations of natural phenomena. Their intense interest in the natural world for its own sake, their habits of precise observation, and the high value they place on man as a rational being portend a new age in the history of scientific thought. This book offers a comprehensive sampling of medieval scientific thought in the context of an historical narrative.

Richard C. Dales, prior to his retirement, was the John R. Hubbard Chair in History at the University of Southern California.

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