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Rural Economy and Country Life in the Medieval West
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Rural Economy and Country Life in the Medieval West

Georges Duby. Translated by Cynthia Postan

632 pages | 6 x 9
Paper 1998 | ISBN 9780812216745 | $37.50s | Outside the Americas £28.99

"A masterpiece."—Speculum
"One of the most important, imaginative, solidly documented, well written books of medieval history that I have ever read. . . . It offers a unique combination of synthetic power and analytic perception, of bold judgment and Cartesian doubt, of hard economic facts and subtle psychological considerations."—Speculum
In 1961 Georges Duby wrote what is still the best overview of European medieval rural history to date. Originally published in French and first translated into English in 1968, Rural Economy and Country Life in the Medieval West brings together local research on the countryside and its economic life and distills from it lessons that apply much more widely. With this edition, the University of Pennsylvania Press brings this modern classic back into print.

Georges Duby (1919-1996) was one of the foremost medievalists and a prolific author. His many books include The Three Orders: Feudal Society Imagined, The Chivalrous Society, History Continues, and The Age of Cathedrals: Art and Society, 980-1420.

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