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Demographic Vistas

Demographic Vistas
Television in American Culture

David Marc. Foreword by Horace Newcomb

1996 | Revised Edition
272 pages | Paper $26.50
Film Studies/Media Studies
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Table of Contents

Preface to the 1984 Edition
Foreword to the Revised Edition , by Horace Newcomb
Introduction to the Revised Edition

1. Beginning to Begin Again
2. The Situation Comedy of Paul Henning: Modernity and the American Folk Myth in The Beverly Hillbillies
3. The Comedy of Public Safety
4. Gleason's Push
5. Self-Reflexive at Last
6. What Was Broadcasting?

Appendix: Broadcast Network Prime Time Viewing Suggestions, 1984-96
Main Index
Index of Television Series
Index of Films Made for Theatrical Release

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