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The Beneficiary in Life Insurance

Edited by David McCahan

1948 | 264 pages | Cloth $79.95
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Table of Contents

Designation of the Beneficiary
—James S. Burke
Assignments of Life Insurance Policies
—Robert Dechert
Rights of Creditors in Life Insurance: Statutory Pattern
—Howard C. Spencer
Rights of Creditors in life Insurance: Case Law Interpretations
—Howard C. Spencer
Development of Optional Settlements
—Richard C. Guest
Planned Settlements: Current Practices
—Eugene M. Thoré
Financial Aspects of Optional Settlements
—Edward W. Marshall
Corollary Legal Aspects of Supplementary Contracts
—Berkeley Cox
Business Liquidation Insurance and Optional Settlements
—John M. Huebner
Taxation of Life Insurance Policy Proceeds
—Bernard G. Hildebrand
Programming to Meet Beneficiary Needs
-­-John O. Todd

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