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The Archaeology of Garden and Field

The Archaeology of Garden and Field

Edited by Naomi F. Miller and Kathryn L. Gleason

1994 | 248 pages | Cloth $35.00 | Paper $28.95
Archaeology / Anthropology
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1. To Bound and to Cultivate: An Introduction to the Archaeology of Gardens and Fields
—Kathryn L. Gleason
2. Fertilizer in the Identification and Analysis of Cultivated Soil
—Naomi F. Miller, Kathryn L. Gleason
3. Archaeological Palynology of Gardens and Fields
—Suzanne K. Fish
4. Remote Sensing of Gardens and Fields
—Bruce Bevan
5. The Creation of Cultivable Land through Terracing
—John M. Treacy, William M. Denevan
6. Methodological Considerations in the Study of Ancient Andean Field Systems
—Clark L. Erickson
7. The "Celtic" Field Systems on the Berkshire Downs, England Stephen Ford
—Mark Bowden, Vincent Gaffney, Geoffrey C. Mees
8. Techniques for Excavating and Analyzing Buried Eighteenth-Century Garden Landscapes
—Anne E. Yentsch, Judson M. Kratzer
9. The Landscapes and Ideational Roles of Caribbean Slave Gardens
—Lydia Mihelic Pulsipher

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