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The Complexion of Race

"The Complexion of Race marks a decisive break with literary history's binary version of eighteenth-century British radical thought."—Journal of Social History

The Complexion of Race
Categories of Difference in Eighteenth-Century British Culture

Roxann Wheeler

2000 | 384 pages | Cloth $69.95 | Paper $34.95
Cultural Studies / History / Anthropology
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Table of Contents

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Introduction. The Empire of Climate: Categories of Race in Eighteenth-Century Britain
1. Christians, Savages, and Slaves: From the Mediterranean to the Atlantic
2. Racializing Civility: Violence and Trade in Africa
3. Romanticizing Racial Difference: Benevolent Subordination and the Midcentury Novel
4. Consuming Englishness: On the Margins of Civil Society
5. The Politicization of Race: The Specter of the Colonies in Britain
Epilogue. Theorizing Race and Racism in the Eighteenth Century


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