Women and Power in the Middle East

Women and Power in the Middle East

Edited by Suad Joseph and Susan Slyomovics

2000 | 256 pages | Cloth $45.00 | Paper $29.95
Anthropology / Women's Studies/Gender Studies
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Table of Contents

—Suad Joseph and Susan Slyomovics

Women's Activism in the Middle East: A Historical Perspective
—Sarah Graham-Brown
Women and Politics in the Middle East
—Suad Joseph
Women and Work in the Arab World
—Nadia Hijab
The Politics of Gender and the Conundrums of Citizenship
—Deniz Kandiyoti

State and Gender in the Maghrib
—M. M. Charrad
Sex, Lies, and Television: Algerian and Moroccan Caricatures of the Gulf War
—Susan Slyomovics
An Interview with Heb Ra'Uf Ezzat
—Karem El-Gawhary
Women on Women: Television Feminism and Village Lives
—Lila Abu-Lughod
Sudanese Women and the Islamist State
—Ellen Gruenbaum
For the Common Good? Gender and Social Citizenship in Palestine
—Rita Giacaman, Islah Jad, and Penny Johnson
Women and the Palestinian Movement: No Going Back?
—Julie Peteet
Searching for Strategies: The Palestine Women's Movement in the New Era
—Rita Giacaman and Penny Johnson
Gender and Citizenship: Considerations on the Turkish Experience
—Yesim Arat
Women in Saudi Arabia: Between Breadwinner and Domestic Icon?
—Eleanor Doumato
Women's Organizations in Kuwait
—Haya Al-Mughni
The Dialectics of Gender and Politicism: Yemen
—Sheila Carapico
The Political Economy of Female Employment in Postrevolutionary Iran
—Fatemeh Etemad Moghadam