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American Georgics

American Georgics takes as its primary problem the question of the human place in nature. By extending our understanding of what counts as environmental literature back before Thoreau, Sweet shows that early texts, while not necessarily "green" in contemporary terms, can offer important insights into our relationship to the environment.

American Georgics
Economy and Environment in Early American Literature

Timothy Sweet

2002 | 232 pages | Cloth $75.00
Literature / Cultural Studies
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Table of Contents


1. Economy and Environment in Sixteenth-Century Promotional Literature
2. "God Sells Us All Things for Our Labour": John Smith's Generall Historie
3. "Wonder-Working Providence" of the Market
4. "Admirable Oeconomy": Robert Beverley's Calculus of Compensation
5. Ideologies of Farming: Crevecoeur, Jefferson, Rush, and Brown
6. Cherokee "Improvements" and the Removal Debate
7. "Co-Workers with Nature": Cooper, Thoreau, and Marsh

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