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The Performance of Self

"Crane's consideration of 'court performances' of later fourteenth- and earlier fifteenth-century English and French literature and culture is both polished and erudite, written both deftly and with clarity throughout. A finely crafted and imaginative study."—Paul Strohm, University of Oxford

The Performance of Self
Ritual, Clothing, and Identity During the Hundred Years War

Susan Crane

2002 | 284 pages | Cloth $59.95 | Paper $26.50
Literature / Cultural Studies
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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Note on Citations

Chapter 1 Talking Garments
Chapter 2 Maytime in Late Medieval Courts
Chapter 3 Joan of Arc and Women's Cross-Dress
Chapter 4 Chivalric Display and Incognito
Chapter 5 Wild Doubles in Charivari and Interlude


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