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The Birth of the Grand Old Party

This collection of six original essays by some of America's most distinguished historians of the Civil War era examines the origins and evolution of the Republican party over the course of its first generation.

The Birth of the Grand Old Party
The Republicans' First Generation

Edited by Robert F. Engs and Randall M. Miller. Afterword by James M. McPherson

2002 | 216 pages | Cloth $59.95 | Paper $26.50
American History / Political Science
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Table of Contents


1 The Ideology of the Republican Party
—Eric Foner
2 Making and Mobilizing the Republican Party
—Michael F. Holt
3 War Is the Health of the Party: Republicans in the American Civil War
—Phillip Shaw Paludan
The Genesis and Growth of the Republican Party: A Brief History
4 Politics Purified: Religion and the Growth of Antislavery Idealism in Republican Ideology During the Civil War
—Mark E. Neely, Jr.
5 Defining Postwar Republicanism: Congressional Republicans and the Boundaries of Citizenship
—Jean H. Baker
6 The Reforging of a Republican Majority
—Brooks D. Simpson

—James M. McPherson

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