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Independence Hall in American Memory

"This is a book I have long awaited, one that tells the life of a single building so as to illuminate American history from almost every angle—cultural, social, and political."—Mary Ryan, author of Civic Wars: Democracy and Public Life in the American City During the Nineteenth Century

Independence Hall in American Memory

Charlene Mires

2002 | 368 pages | Cloth $47.50 | Paper $26.50
American History
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Table of Contents


1. Landmark: A British Home for the American Revolution
2. Workshop: Building a Nation
3. Relic: Survival in the City
4. Shrine: Slavery, Nativism, and the Forgotten History of the Nineteenth Century
5. Legacy: Staking Claims to the Past Through Preservation
6. Place and Symbol: The Liberty Bell Ascendant
7. Treasure: Eighteenth-Century Building, Twentieth Century City
8. Anchor: A Secure Past for Cold War America
9. Prism: Redefining Independence for a Third Century
10. Memory: The Truths We Hold To Be Self-Evident


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