The Artifacts of Tikal--Utilitarian Artifacts and Unworked Material

Tikal Report 27 presents artifacts and associated unworked materials recovered by the University of Pennsylvania Museum's Tikal Project of 1956-1969.

The Artifacts of Tikal—Utilitarian Artifacts and Unworked Material
Tikal Report 27B

Hattula Moholy-Nagy

2002 | 336 pages | Cloth $59.95
Archaeology / Latin American Studies/Caribbean Studies
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Flaked Chert Artifacts
3. Flaked Obsidian Artifacts
4. Ground, Pecked, and Polished Stone Artifacts and Unworked Stones and Minerals
5. Bone Artifacts and Unworked Vertebrate Remains
6. Pottery Sherd Artifacts
7. Formed Pottery Artifacts
8. Artifacts of Mud, Plaster, and Unfired Clay
9. Textiles and Textile Impressions
10. Wooden Artifacts and Artifact Impressions
11. Plant Remains and Impressions and Other Non-Artifactual Materials

A-G. (located on the CD-ROM)
H. Report on the Tektites Found at Tikal, Alan R. Hildebrand
I. Analysis of Textile Impressions and Cloth Fragments from Tikal
J. The Atlatl from Operation 96D, Structure 5D-51, Group 5D-11, Tikal