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A Central Asian Village at the Dawn of Civilization

A Central Asian Village at the Dawn of Civilization
Excavations at Anau, Turkmenistan

Fredrik T. Hiebert. With Kakamurad Kurbansakhatov

2003 | 489 pages | Cloth $75.00
Archaeology / Asian Studies
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Table of Contents


1. Anau North, an Introduction
2. The Settlement History of Central Asia in the Village Period
3. The History of Investigations at Anau North
4. 1997 Excavations: Context of Deposition and Stratigraphy
5. Radiocarbon Chronology
6. Ceramic Complexes of Anau North and Relative Chronology
7. Small Finds from Anau North
8. Architecture at Anau North
9. Burials
10. The Use of Plants at Anau North
11. Microscopic Analysis of Soils from Anau North
12. Animal Herding, Hunting, and the History of Animal Domestication at Anau depe
13. Prehistoric Behavior at Anau North
14. The Evolution of the Settlement at Anau North

A. 1904 Excavations at Anau North
B. Catalogue of Small Finds from the 1904 Excavations
C. Botanical Data from the 1997 Excavations
D. A Basketry/Textile Impression from Anau North


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