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"This is an exceptionally innovative and potentially invaluable exploration of a major cultural phenomenon of our epoch."—H. Bruce Franklin, Rutgers University

Science, Race, and Visions of Utopia in Space

De Witt Douglas Kilgore

2003 | 304 pages | Cloth $69.95 | Paper $26.50
Cultural Studies
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Table of Contents

Introduction: The Wonderful Dream

1. Knocking on Heaven's Door: David Lasser and the First Conquest of Space
2. An Empire in Space: Europe and America as Science Fact
3. Building a Space Frontier: Robert A. Heinlein and the American Tradition
4. Will There Always Be an England? Arthur C. Clarke's New Eden
5. The Domestication of Space: Gerard K. O'Neill's Suburban Diaspora
6. Ben Bova: Race, Nation, and Renewal on the High Frontier
7. On Mars and Other Heterotopias: A Conclusion


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