Beyond the Century of the Child

"This volume offers readers a brilliant and thought-provoking symposium on historical aspects of childhood, of conceptions and arrangements of childhood, and of the study of child development itself."—American Journal of Psychology

Beyond the Century of the Child
Cultural History and Developmental Psychology

Edited by Willem Koops and Michael Zuckerman

2003 | 304 pages | Cloth $59.95
History / Psychology
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Table of Contents

1. Imaging Childhood
—Willem Koops
2. The Child in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
—Barbara A. Hanawalt
3. Early Modern Childhood in the Dutch Context
—Els Kloek
4. Patterns of Childrearing in America
—Karin Calvert
5. The Birth of the Virtual Child: A Victorian Progeny
—John R. Gillis
6. Historical Perspectives on Twentieth-Century American Childhood
—Peter Stearns
7. The History of Children and Youth in Japan
—Hideo Kojima
8. Childhood, Formal Education, and Ideology in China, Then and Now
—Michael Nylan
9. On Infantilization and Participation: Pedagogical Lessons from the Century of the Child
—Micha de Winter
10. The Nephew of an Experimentalist: Ambivalences in Developmental Thinking
—Gerrit Breeuwsma
11. Developmental Psychology in a World of Designed Institutions
—Sheldon H. White
Epilogue: The Millennium of Childhood That Stretches Before Us
Michael Zuckerman