The Education of Jane Addams

"Excellent. . . . The Education of Jane Addams provides a detailed, wonderfully complex analysis of Addams's ideas, life, and work."—Journal of American History

The Education of Jane Addams

Victoria Bissell Brown

2003 | 432 pages | Cloth $59.95 | Paper $28.95
Biography / American History / Women's Studies/Gender Studies
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Table of Contents


1. Self-Made Man
2. The Predominant Elements of Her Character
3. Sober, Serious, and Earnest
4. Bread Givers
5. My Relations to God and the Universe
6. Cassandra
7. Claims So Keenly Felt
8. Scenes Among Gods and Giants
9. Never the Typical Old Maid
10. Some Curious Conclusions
11. The Subjective Necessity for the Social Settlement
12. Power in Me and Will to Dominate
13. The Luminous Medium
14. Unity of Action
15. What We Know Is Right


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