Angels and Earthly Creatures

Claire M. Waters offers an original examination of the preacher's unique role as an intermediary—standing between heaven and earth, between God and people, participating in and responsible to both sides of that divide.

Angels and Earthly Creatures
Preaching, Performance, and Gender in the Later Middle Ages

Claire M. Waters

2003 | 296 pages | Cloth $69.95
Literature / Religion / Women's Studies/Gender Studies
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Golden Chains of Citation
Chapter 2 Holy Duplicity: The Preacher's Two Faces
Chapter 3 A Manner of Speaking: Access and the Vernacular
Chapter 4 "Mere Words": Gendered Eloquence and Christian Preaching
Chapter 5 Transparent Bodies and the Redemption of Rhetoric
Chapter 6 The Alibi of Female Authority
Chapter 7 Sermones ad Status and Old Wives' Tales; or, The Audience Talks Back
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